Ridesharing has completely changed the commuting game. From getting a lift to work to snagging a late night ride home, getting from point A to B has never been easier. And thanks to Uber’s new product, it’s more affordable than ever before. Starting today, Express POOL, their first new product in over three years, uses streamlined routes to give customers a more efficient — and inexpensive — way to get around. With significantly lower rates than uberPOOL and uberX, it’s giving public transportation (or your own personal car, for that matter) a run for its money. Scroll down to see why and to learn more about how you can snag your first ride.

Express POOL works like UberPOOL, but uses mainstream routes to get riders around. Here’s how: Once a customer requests a car with Express POOL, Uber matches them with riders on a similar route, then provides walking directions within a few minutes of their location and an ETA to plan for. When the rider is in the vehicle and on their way, Uber again provides them with a common drop off spot and walking instructions to their specific destination, ultimately eliminating time wasted going door-to-door.

Uber’s goal with this service is to eliminate detours and provide a faster means for customers to get to their stops. By taking quicker routes, and cutting back on driving time, Uber is able to save ridesharers $$$ in the process (which we’re all for!). “We’re excited about Express POOL as a cheaper and more reliable product for people in their everyday life — whether that means using it to get to and from the work, or even to and from the train station for those who don’t live walking distance,” said Meghan Joyce, Regional General Manager for the US and Canada. “We want to ensure that every time you take an Express POOL ride, you know what the experience will be, and it’s something you can depend on.”

Right now, Express POOL is available in eight cities, including San Francisco, Boston, Los Angeles, San Diego, Denver, Miami, Philadelphia, and Washington DC. With more options in the pipeline, and endless possibilities of places to go, this is one service worth noting for future driving needs. Be sure to tune into your app to look for the new Express POOL icon to get going on your next ride.

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(Photos via Uber)