It’s to be expected that there will be a few glitches every time a new product rolls out. We get it — it takes time to adjust to new tech. But the newest rumor of what’s happening to brand new iPhone 7s is one of the strangest things we’ve heard in a long time, mainly because the glitch happens before the new owner even opens the box.

stressed young woman looking at her phone

Some new iPhone owners have reported that their phone is already set up when they open the box. But here’s the thing: Their brand new phones have been set up with someone else’s Apple ID, and they’re locked. In order to unlock it and activate the phone, new owners have to enter the password to an Apple ID that does not belong to them. Weird, right? Apple hasn’t commented on the issue yet, so it’s unclear what’s causing this whole thing.

If this weird glitch happens to you, let Apple customer service know. They will either be able to wipe the Activation Lock and get you set up on a clean slate or they will expedite a new phone to arrive in its place.

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(h/t ZDNet, photo via Getty)