If you鈥檙e on the hunt for the perfect tattoo placement that is equal parts ingenious and incognito, look no further than underfoot ink. See some of our favorites below to get creative with this secretive tattoo hiding spot.

1. Hometown Roots: Pay tribute to where you鈥檙e from by stamping it with permanent ink on the bottom on your foot.

2. Simple Font: No matter what you鈥檙e inking onto your underfoot, a minimalistic font can make it look all the more modern.

3. Balloon: Keep flying high with a balloon tattoo in this hidden spot. Bonus points for secret words written in the string.

4. Palm Tree: If you鈥檙e constantly California dreamin鈥, a palm tree tattoo will help keep you connected to your dream.

5. Marijuana Leaf: Whether it鈥檚 for health reasons or recreation, this little piece of nature deserves a spot on your bod.

6. Heart Toes: The metaphor to this ink? Love keeps you grounded, y鈥檃ll.

7. Lucky Number: What better way to make sure you鈥檙e staying blessed than to get your lucky number in ink?

8. Pet Paws: Everyone loves their pets like their own children, so it only makes sense that we鈥檇 want a constant reminder.

9. Meaningful Quote: Your favorite saying doesn鈥檛 have to be visible at all times. As long as you know it鈥檚 there, that鈥檚 all you need to keep you going.

10. Moon: This simple silhouette looks hella classic 鈥 plus, it鈥檚 small enough that the appointment (okay, and the pain) will fly by.

11. Hand-Drawn Stars: Add a touch of customization to your underfoot ink by hand-drawing the design.

12. Funky Faces: Since this placement isn鈥檛 usually visible, it鈥檚 a great place for a funny tattoo that you might not want to advertise on the daily.

13. Childhood Favorite: Throw it back to one of the best childhood movies, Toy Story, by tattooing 鈥淎ndy鈥 on your foot.

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