We love seeing couples show off their personalities in their wedding and engagement photos, and those who go for underwater photos have us totally charmed and channeling our inner mermaid. Whether you’re near an ocean or a lap pool, the murky blue background and diffused light give photos a magical look. Take a dive into 15 of our favorite photo shoots that would make Ariel jeal.

1. Underwater Dinner Party: Looking like something straight out of a fairytale, the underwater details of this photo are truly magical. (via To Live. To Love. Photography)

2. Floating Sunspots: The trick to getting perfectly flowing hair and a perfectly flowing dress is to start apart from each other and then slowly float closer. (via Photography Talk)

3. Cannon Ball: This fun-loving couple didn’t want their watery shoot to be too serious and started it off with a splash. (via Minnesota Bride)

4. Engagement Session: When you’re underwater, the bigger the dress the more dramatic the photos. (via Jess Peterson)

5. Playful Pool Shoot: Take note. Yellow stands our nicely when you’re underwater. (via Cameron Ingalls)

6. Trash the Dress: If you can’t stand the thought of trashing your real wedding dress, see if you can find a thrift store or Ebay version for the underwater shots. (via Fit Girl Travels)

7. Summer Fun: Take advantage of warm summer weather and just do the shoot in your swimsuit. The sunglasses add an extra element of lightheartedness. (via Green Wedding Shoes)

8. Pop of Color: The groom holding a bouquet of bright red flowers brings a nice color aspect to the blue background. How cute are these two? (via KLK Photography)

9. Half and Half: If you’re not sure you can keep a calm face underwater, go for the half-in-half-out angle for a gorgeous perspective against a scenic backdrop. (via Hoffer Photography)

10. Take a Dip: A bouquet and veil add another level of interest to your photos. (via Praise Wedding)

11. Golden Sunlight: The closer to the surface you stay, the more diffused light you’ll get lighting up your faces. (via Alyssa Campbell)

12. Dark and Dramatic: We’re not sure how we feel about that deep, dark water but it definitely makes for a drama-filled photo. (via Dean Sanderson Weddings)

13. Head Above Water: Can’t keep your eyes open underwater? Take the shot from the neck up to get the billowing dress effect and a cool reflection. (via Sonja Photography)

14. Tropical Waters: If you’re lucky enough to be getting married somewhere warm and tropical, take full advantage of the open ocean and channel your inner mermaid. (via Modern Weddings Hawaii)

15. Swimming Selfie: Keep things fun and casual with a selfie-type photo that captures your easygoing personalities. (via Cassie Leah Photography)

Would you ever do an underwater wedding or engagement photo shoot? Talk to us in the comments below!