20 Creative + Gorgeous Summer Engagement Photo Ideas
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20 Creative + Gorgeous Summer Engagement Photo Ideas

Seeing as it’s summer, weddings are on our brains here at Brit + Co. Whether we’re talking apps, backdrops or dresses, we’ve got all your bases covered for the big day. But before the wedding, we must talk engagement, and with that engagement comes engagement photos. With so many ideas out there, it’s difficult to decide what idea is right for you. To help you out, we’ve curated the best of the best when it comes to creative and gorgeous summer photo shoots.

1. Pops of Color: Pops of color will add a sense of drama to your engagement photos. The interplay of black, white and red is always a timeless choice. (via The Food Click)

2. Glitter: It’s no secret that we love some sparkle here at Brit + Co, but did you know glitter also makes a fun photo prop? Your pics will surely shine bright when some gold glitter is involved. (via Kristi Murphy)

3. Hobby Play: Do you play guitar? Cook? Do yoga? Incorporating your hobbies into your shoot makes your engagement photos feel personalized and totally you. (via Green Wedding Shoes)

4. Spell It Out: Using Scrabble letters in your pre-wed photos is a unique idea. You can get creative with what you spell out and how you incorporate them into the shoot. (via Kayleigh DuMond)

5. Travel Inspired: If you are a couple that likes to travel, you might want to take a peek at this shoot. The silhouette of these two lovebirds behind the map is totally adorable. (via Green Wedding Shoes)

6. Vintage: The nostalgic vibe of this engagement shoot has us thinking back to our first loves and teenage summer days. Can we go back, please? (via Green Wedding Shoes)

7. Nautical: The nautical color scheme has us swooning. You don’t even need to see their faces to get the sense that these two are head-over-heels. (via Laura Ivanova Photography)

8. Paint War: Have some fun with your betrothed with a paint war engagement session. This looks like such a blast. We are kinda wishing we could have jumped right into this shoot… but that would have been awkward. (via Belle the Magazine)

9. Put a Horse In It: Who doesn’t love horses? Putting a horse in your shoot will definitely take the dream-come-true factor up a notch. (via Green Wedding Shoes)

10. A Room Full of Balloons: This scene is almost as magical as the couple in it. Even though it might take some time to prep, it’s totally worth it. (via Brittany Esther Photography)

11. Have a Picnic: A picnic scene for your engagement session is casual and romantic. And with some freshly picked apples, it’s yummy, too. (via Green Wedding Shoes)

12. Ethereal: Boho style translates beautifully to a free loving photo shoot. That flower crown is to die for. (via Katie Shuler Photography)

13. Natural: We love the simplicity and natural look of this photo. Sometimes the only thing you need to capture in a photo is emotion. (via Art + Soul)

14. Boating: This scene is serene and lovely. It looks as if these two have the world to themselves at this moment. (via Style Me Pretty)

15. Cotton Fields of Dreams: We are naming this the cotton “field of dreams.” It is the perfect backdrop to a romantic engagement photo session. Can these two look any more enamored with one another? (via Connection Photography)

16. Go to the Fair: This pretty pic looks like it’s hinting that the excitement of taking a ride at the fair is akin to falling in love — too cute! (via Sincerely, Kinsey)

17. Bubbles: Bubbles are so happy, so why not include them in your engagement photos? (via Simply Bloom Photography)

18. Confetti: How about adding a little (or a lot) of color to your shoot? Confetti takes this shot from the usual to the fantastic. (via Green Wedding Shoes)

19. Action Shots: Don’t be afraid of action shots. We think they are much more fun than posed portraits. (via Style Me Pretty)

20. Dancing: We didn’t think Lauren Conrad could get any cuter until we saw her engagement photos. This aerial dancing shot is just as adorable as she and her boo are. (via Lauren Conrad)

Which photo takes your breath away? Let us know in the comments below.