Seeing as it’s summer, weddings are on our brains here at Brit + Co. Whether we’re talking gifts, backdrops, or dresses, we’ve got all your bases covered for the big day. But before the wedding planning, it’s all about the engagement photos. And with so many ideas out there it can be difficult to decide what idea is right for you. That’s why we’ve curated the best of the best when it comes to creative and gorgeous summer photo shoots.

Engagement Photo Ideas

1. Cotton Fields of Dreams: We are naming this one “field of dreams.” It’s the perfect backdrop for a romantic engagement photo session. Can these two look any more enamored with one another? (via Connection Photography)

Engagement Photo Ideas

2. Confetti: How about adding a little (or a lot) of color to your shoot? Confetti takes this from basic to fantastic. (via Priscila Valentina / Green Wedding Shoes)

3. Firefly Light: A trendy bokeh effect reminds us of firefly-filled summer nights (in a very good way). (via Robert Paetz Photography)

Engagement Photo Ideas

4. Glitter: It’s no secret that we love some sparkle, but did you know glitter also makes a fun photo prop? Your pics will surely shine bright when some gold is involved. (via Kristi Murphy)

5. Road Trip Romance: This otherworldly shot inspires dreams of summer road trips. (via Summers Archives)

Engagement Photo Ideas

6. Vintage: The nostalgic vibe of this engagement shoot has us thinking back to our first loves and teenage summer days. Can we go back, please? (via Simply Bloom Photography / Green Wedding Shoes)

7. Started from the Bottom: An easy way to put a fresh spin on your engagement photos? Look at it from a new perspective. (via Sam Hassas)

8. Do A Double-Take: Reverse, reverse! Double the romance with a reflective shot like this one. (via Palermo Photo)

9. Black And White And Lovely All Over: Get ready for a monochrome moment worthy of infinite regrams. (via Cotton And Willson)

10. High-Flying Fun: An airplane hangar makes an unlikely (but nonetheless striking) backdrop for a romantic snap. (via Elmwood Photography)

11. Kiss & Ride: Can’t you just feel the teenage giddiness in this unique vintage car shoot? (via Chuy Photos)

12. True Blues: Romantic, down-to-earth, and pet-friendly. What more can you ask for from your engagement pics? (via Mira Park Productions)

13. Ready For A Close-Up: There’s something deeply personal and touching about this super zoomed in pic of the soon-to-be married couple. (via Jenna Lauren Photography)

Engagement Photo Ideas

14. Nautical: The nautical color scheme here has us swooning. You don’t even need to see their faces to get the sense that these two are head over heels. (via Laura Ivanova Photography)

15. Sweet Ride: City dwellers will love this quirky cab scene. And so will couples who never stand still. (via Richard B. Flores)

Engagement Photo Ideas

16. Paint War: Have some fun with your betrothed with a paint war engagement session. This looks like such a blast. (via Gabriel Gastelum / Belle the Magazine)

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17. Dreamy Denim: We’re low-key obsessed with this custom-made embroidered patch. Something tells us this is going to be a big trend. (via Forever Photography NY)

18. Make It Pop: Who needs confetti and streamers when you can shower your beau in Champagne? (via Fox Sloane Photo)

Engagement Photo Ideas

19. A Room Full of Balloons: This scene is almost as magical as the couple in it. Even though it might take some time to prep, it’s totally worth it. (via Brittany Esther Photography)

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(Additional reporting by Emily Bihl)