Fruit is pretty perfect all on its own, but by the end of summer, we’re a bit bored of the basic bowl of cherries. With only a few weeks of summer left, it’s time to challenge yourself to get creative. These 32 recipes will help liven things up by taking fruit to the next level.


1. Fruit Popsicles: Take advantage of the last weeks of summer with this decadent recipe. In addition to looking awesome, these frosty treats are a breeze to whip up. (Photo via Rachel Labarre)


2. Dark Chocolate Raspberry Truffles: Whether you’re craving chocolate or you want to make a super impressive gift for someone special, we’ve got you covered. Nix the boxed variety for good and whip up this dark chocolate raspberry truffle recipe instead. (Photo via Hana Ezaldein)


3. Mini Cheesecake Parfaits with Fresh Berries: This fluffy cheesecake parfait is a no-bake, simple dessert that’s especially great for picnics or even when you’re on the go. (Photo via Katherine Richter)


4. Dark Chocolate Raspberry Vegan Ice Cream: These dairy-free ice cream flavors rival the real stuff in their deliciousness. Bonus: they take less than five minutes to whip up (and of course less than one minute to devour). (Photo via Natalie Beam)


5. Caramelized Nectarines with Bacon: Stone fruits like nectarines or peaches are incredible because when you sprinkle a little sugar on top and throw them in the oven or onto the grill they transform into a high-quality dessert. And why just have caramelized nectarines when you can have caramelized nectarines with bacon? (Photo via Analiese Trimber)


6. Chocolate Strawberry Grilled Cheese: Grilled cheese and tomato soup is our all-time favorite comfort food, but this sweet upgrade is perfect in a whole new sort of wonderful. We love it for a decadent weekend brunch or even as a playful spin on dessert. (Photo via Lucy Rubin)


7. Sangria Slushy: If you love lazy summer afternoons spent downing pitchers of sangria, we think you’ll appreciate this slushy twist on the seasonal classic. Try serving this one at your Labor Day bash. (Photo via Kelly Logan)


8. PB&J Breakfast Parfait with Banana and Frozen Berries: Whether you are trying to eat lighter with healthy dessert swaps, or just looking to revisit a childhood favorite, this parfait is sure to satisfy. (Photo via Maggie Harriman)


9. Raspberry Nutella Mug Pie: The bright, tangy berries perfectly balance the richness of Nutella in this mug pie. And the buttery, flaky pie crust makes this treat simply delectable. (Photo via Maggie Gorman)


10. Honeydew Mojitos: When life gives you melons, spike ‘em and throw in a little mint on the side. We’re loving the fun green shade! (Photo via Christin Urso)


11. Strawberry Clementine Smoothie Bowl: Pouring your smoothie into a bowl, decorating it with toppings and then devouring it by the spoonful makes it so much more satisfying than simply sipping it out of a tall glass. Try it — you’ll thank us later. (Photo via Danielle Cahoon)


12. Peaches and Cream Banana Ice Cream: Serve this pretty dessert at your next baby or bridal shower. The flavor is delightful, it’s more nutritious than cupcakes and the presentation is totally Pinterest-worthy. (Photo via Rafi Letzter)


13. Raspberry Mojito: We love using bright, tangy raspberries to put a fresh spin on a classic summer cocktail. This drink goes well with end-of-season BBQs. (Photo via Vedika Luthra)


14. Macerated Berries: Berries + sugar = extra sweet berry goodness. We all know you’ll be able to impress your friends (or just yourself) by topping your favorite pancakes, waffles, ice cream sundaes, cheesecakes and basically anything else you can think of with this stuff. (Photo via Alia Wilhelm)


15. Nectarine + Berry Overnight Oats: Overnight oats are the perfect healthy breakfast, and they’re great for warmer weather since they’re eaten cold. And this recipe has it all — filling fiber from the oats, antioxidants from the fruit and protein and healthy fats from the almond butter. (Photo via Maggie Harriman)


16. Lemon Cupcakes With Blackberry Frosting: These lemon cupcakes with blackberry buttercream frosting are the perfect combination of fruity, tangy and sweet. (Photo via Dara Ades)


17. Blackberry Gin Fizz: We’re not QUITE ready to embrace the hot toddy, cider and vanilla latte. Raise one final toast to hot summer months with this berrylicious fizzy summer refresher. PS: Don’t forget the gin. (Photo via Daniel Schuleman)


18. Blueberry Coconut Macaroons: These beauties aren’t your average macaroons. They’re slightly crunchy on the outside, sweet and chewy in the middle and totally amazing when slightly warmed. And because they’re rich and bite-sized, they make the perfect dessert. Not into raspberries? Feel free to sub in blueberries instead. (Photo via Alia Wilhelm)


19. Blueberry and Agave Smoothie: This antioxidant-packed refreshing smoothie is a sweet yet healthy drink you won’t feel guilty about downing. It’s both delicious and fruity, especially on a hot summer day. (Photo via Rachel Piorko)


20. Two-Ingredient Raspberry Jam: You’re probably thinking that jam isn’t the easiest thing to make, but you’re wrong. With this recipe, using fresh seasonal berries, you’ll be making jam up the wazoo for friends and family alike, just as Grandma did. And feel free to substitute the raspberries for any other berry you prefer. (Photo via Sarah Silbiger)


21. Cherry Berry Pie: This cherry berry pie is the kind of dessert you bring to the back porch on a warm summer night. It’s super easy to make, but your guests will never know. (Photo via Kristin Brennan)


22. Sangria Popsicles: The secret ingredient for these popsicles? The underrated yet entirely delicious nectarine. We love ’em as a cocktail substitute at your next boozy brunch. (Photo via Rafi Letzter)


23. Blueberry Crumb Bars: If you’ve never baked anything before, these blueberry crumb bars are a great place to start. The recipe essentially consists of mixing and layering, which anyone can do. Bonus: you probably already have most of the ingredients. (Photo via Alia Wilhelm)


24. Booze-Infuseed Fruit Salad: This recipe combines our two favorite things: happy hour and snack time. Talk about multitasking. (Photo via Kristine Mahan)


25. Strawberry Lemonade: To balance out the acidity of lemonade and to make yourself feel both healthier and classier, add these fruits to your glass. You’ll never look at lemonade the same way after trying this out. (Photo via Sam Cicatello)


26. Poached Peaches: Poaching stone fruits does three things: it softens the fruit, enhances its sweetness and imparts new flavor. Be our guest and try a poached peach for a simple and sweet fruit makeover. (Photo via Andrew Seah)


27. Peach + Raspberry Cobbler: We’re suckers for a super gooey, indulgent dessert. This is literally the perfect fall comfort food, and the best part is that it’s super easy to make. (Photo via Annie Madole)


28. Lemon Meringue Pie: Even though this recipe isn’t the easiest one out there, putting in the effort and taking a little extra time to make this citrusy sweet pie is totally worth it. And even if it doesn’t come out LOOKING perfect, it’ll taste ah-mazing. (Photo via Jocelyn Hsu)


29. Kale, Avocado and Grape Breakfast Smoothie: The easiest way to get your greens? A vitamin-packed super smoothie. We love starting our day with this one. (Photo via Julia Maguire)


30. Açaí Bowl: Açai bowls are essentially smoothies blended together and garnished with an assortment of delicious toppings. Making them at home is the best way to stay on a budget versus ordering them at fancy juice shops. (Photo via Makaya Pratt)


31. Blueberry, Oatmeal and Flaxseed Muffins: People are always impressed when they hear you made your muffins from scratch. But these ones are actually ridiculously easy. All you need to do is pour, mix and bake. Yes, it’s as simple as that. (Photo via Lauren Feld)


32. Watermelon Salad With Balsamic Reduction: Watermelons are, hands down, the most refreshing fruit to have in the summer. This recipe takes the summertime staple up a notch with feta cheese, fresh mint leaves and balsamic reduction. It’s the perfect mixture of creamy, tangy and fresh all in one bite. (Photo via Tiare Brown)

Have any other fruity ideas? Let us know in the comments below!