We listened when Mommy Dearest told us “no wire hangers ever,” and thankfully so did The Container Store. Hangers all have different specialties these days. There’s so many options it’s kind of overwhelming deciding which (or how many) are the best option for your wardrobe. Luckily we scoured the Internet and found 14 useful hangers that will help you turn your teeny tiny garment rack into a walk-in closet. We can dream, right?

1. IKEA Brallis Hanger ($5): No need to feel guilty about picking up another pair of pants on your way home from work again today, as this hanger helps you save space by holding up to five pairs in one place. Bonus: Use it for your skirts and maxi dresses too!

2. Luxury Living Bumps Be-Gone ($20-$35): Shoulder bumps on nice shirts and blouses are just the worst, right? No more pointy shoulders with these foamy wire/plastic-free hangers (which are totally DIY friendly with some tubing and a wire hanger).

3. 18 Loop Chrome Axis Scarf Hanger ($9): It’s always scarf season here in SF, so keep collecting and easily organize them with these quirky loops. This hanger could hold other pieces too, like cotton workout tanks, sports bras, tights and more!

4. The Container Store Lighted Revolving Tie Rack ($25): This motorized rack makes it easy for your man to find the tie he wants. Side note: This would absolutely make picking out belts or scarves easier too.

5. Real Simple Purse Organizer ($13): Let the bags staying home for the day relax in this cozy organizer.

6. Gazel Clothes Hanger ($19, set of three): Stretched collars have never been in style. Keep it that way with this sleek collar-saver that is kinda beautiful too.

7. Blow Up Hanger ($10, set of two): Sometimes your closet feels like it’s overflowing (okay, always). Make it feel a little less crowded by deflating your hangers after you take out your #OOTD.

8. Double Hang Closet Rod ($10): Double hanging space is closet maximization 101. If your closet didn’t come equipped with it, pick up this cheap option to instantly double your wardrobe.

9. Duo Hangers ($20, set of four): You’ll have extra time to make an espresso when you prep your outfits for the week with this piece.

10. Triangle Hanger ($35): Sometimes you just want a beautiful looking hanger to drape your clothes on. Even your most budget-friendly dresses will look fabulous hanging from these.

11. Cliq ($124, set of three): Coats can be heavy, but never fear them dropping overnight — these hangers hold up to 4.4 lbs.

12. Solo ($8): The folding hanger has arrived. Easily remove or hang your clothes with a simple squeeze.

13. Mobe ($20): This beautifully handcrafted hanger is the perfect choice for your scarves, belts or other accessories. Hang as many as you want, and if you’re feeling extra delightful about this piece (we kinda are) take it out of the closet and show off those accessories.

14. Hanger Chair ($250): Hosting dinner parties in your studio apartment can be tricky. But not when you have these multi-functional hangers that also are the perfect chair for your guests to sit on.

Which hanger do you find the most useful? Let us know in the comments below.