Everyone has an opinion 鈥 especially about聽your pregnancy. And for some reason, they just can鈥檛 keep it to themselves. When it comes to your in-laws, shutting down the constant stream of not-so-helpful little nuggets of 鈥渨isdom鈥 isn鈥檛 always easy, especially without offending them. Before you start stressing over every phone call, text, and email chock-full of unsolicited suggestions, check out these easy ways to delicately deal with in-law聽advice聽during pregnancy.

Annoyed pregnant woman

1. Just agree.聽Nodding your head, smiling, and saying 鈥淪ure鈥 can go a lot further than you鈥檇 think. Even though you may totally disagree with what your mother-in-law (MIL) is saying, now is not the time to get into a major fight. Before your living room turns into a battleground, try agreeing. This doesn鈥檛 mean you actually have to follow the advice; as soon as your in-laws leave you can file it far away into the back of your pregnancy brain, never to be seen again.

2. Give thanks.聽When the words, 鈥淪ure, I鈥檒l try that鈥 just won鈥檛 come out of your mouth, a simple, 鈥淭hanks鈥 will do. Your in-laws don鈥檛 want to hurt you, and they鈥檙e probably not *trying* to make you feel like the world鈥檚 worst daughter-in-law/soon-to-be mommy. They just want to help鈥 in their own way. Thank them for the thoughtful words and move on.

3. Consider it.聽Sometimes age really does make us wiser. It鈥檚 easy to think you know everything there is to know about pregnancy and parenting 鈥 after all, you鈥檝e read every baby book, blog, and article out there. While educating yourself is valuable, there鈥檚 something to be said for practical experience. Your MIL has gone through the whole pregnancy, childbirth, and raising a child thing before. So take a moment to consider that she just might know what she鈥檚 talking about.

4. Pass it off.Stress is not your friend when you鈥檙e pregnant (or really, ever). Instead of getting worked up about聽the so-called advice your in-laws are dishing out, simply pass it off onto your S.O. That鈥檚 right, give your significant other the job of dealing with their own mom and dad. It will take some of the pressure off you and may make your in-law relationship better than ever.

5. Get honest.聽Not every daughter-in-law has a challenging, strained relationship with her parents-in-law. Don鈥檛 let a little unsolicited pregnancy advice turn a good relationship bad. If you don鈥檛 want the advice, or you just want your MIL and FIL to hold back a bit, let them know. Gently explain that you love them, but right now you鈥檙e feeling a lot of pressure. They love you too, and hopefully they鈥檒l understand.

6. Laugh together.聽Your mother-in-law has just given you the most ridiculous piece of pregnancy or parenting advice of all time. You could run screaming. Or you could just crack a joke. Use humor to defuse a tense situation聽instead of聽defaulting to anger.

7. Ask first.聽Rather than powerlessly waiting for the unsolicited advice to hit, get on the offensive and ask before being told. List out the top questions that you have for a seasoned pro (i.e., your mother- or father-in-law) and ask away. Instead of getting whatever wisdom they see fit to hand down, you鈥檒l get answers to the questions you actually have.

8. Ignore it.聽When the advice is totally out-there or just plain irritating, ignore it. There鈥檚 no rule saying you have to accept everything that everyone says. You don鈥檛 have to snub your in-laws, but you also don鈥檛 need to indulge them each and every time they offer up their ideas.

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