Teacups are way too cute to spend so much time hiding in the cupboard or in a box in the attic. Let’s break open the boxes and find ways to display those vintage teacups for all to see. If you don’t already have some at home, scope out the garage sales or thrift stores near you to pick some up. Let’s get upcycling!

1. Teacup Candles: These candles are way too easy and cute not to make. Candle wax and wick in a teacup? Done. (via Hey Gorgeous Events)

2. Teacup Cake Topper: Here you have it — a clever way to decorate a cake without having any frosting skills. Just slap on a little frosting and top it with a teacup vase of your favorite flowers on top! (via The Ardent Sparrow)

3. Cake Plate: It seems as though an upside down teacup was meant to serve as a pedestal for a cake, doesn’t it? (via A Beach Cottage)

4. DIY Metallic Teacups: Tea parties have never been so stylish. Turn plain teacups modern with some simple metallic paint. (via Clad and Cloth)

5. Teacup Lights: Turn your teacup upside down and it magically makes a lamp shade. Spark your inner electrician to make this project! (via Kotivinkki)

6. Teacup Wine Glasses: Let your guests decide what they want to fill it with. Wine or tea? We’re going with wine, but do as you please. And get the full tutorial over at Apartment Therapy. (via The Bride’s Tree)

7. Teacup Planter: No matter your style, succulents paired with antique teacups make a perfect plant for your desk. And you don’t even need a green thumb to keep these plants alive! (via Curbly)

8. Teacup, Saucer and Pot Lamp: You can keep your teacups displayed year round with this Anthropologie hack. Turn your teacup, saucers and teapots into one awesome lamp . (via Vintage Revivals)

9. Vintage Teacup Jewelry Organizer: No crafting required for this one, but it sure does look cute. Use some teacups to hold your jewelry. (via Marcus Design)

10. Teacup Bangles ($47): Alright. We couldn’t dig up the tutorial for these teacup bangles, but we also just couldn’t ignore them. Maybe the steps are similar to how you turn wine bottles into tumblers? If you figure out how to DIY them yourself, send us a note and let us know how you hacked it!

What’s your favorite teacup craft? Let us know in the comments below!