When you sleep, images of your dream wine cellar dance in your head, and you’re always thinking of your fellow wine-os during the holiday season. When someone needs to know how to pair a wine, you’re the guru they seek. From new wines to old favorites, you’re on the up-and-up when it comes to vino. You feel great about your wine obsession… except when you have to take out the recycling. But now you can utilize those wine bottles at their fullest and their emptiest. They are ideal for dressing up your home or apartment, especially during the most wonderful time of the year. Get ready to deck the halls with these up-cycle ideas for your bottles.

1. Berry Nice: A little sprig here, a little sprig there. Add a few branches of fake berries to a painted wine bottle, and you’ve got yourself a mantelpiece worth displaying. (via French Larkspur)

2. Winter White: Don’t underestimate the power of textures. Even with a color as neutral as white, these spruced-up wine bottles add a flair to any room. (via POPSUGAR)

3. All That Glitters Is Gold: Invite style into your home with these gilded wine bottles. They look luxurious, but you won’t have to break the bank to create them. (via Yahoo! Makers)

4. Dots + Stripes: Color blocking is in vogue, and the tools to do it are right at your fingertips. Take an empty wine bottle, block out sections with tape and paint away. (via Place of My Taste)

5. Winter Wonderland: Create a wintry sparkle in your living room with this quick and easy craft. You’ll only need five items to fashion this DIY décor. (via The Real Thing With the Coake Family)

6. Romance in a Bottle: Candles: They’re beautiful, romantic and best of all, they’re inexpensive. Purchase taper candles for your empty wine bottles, and you’ll be able to create a warm glow in your home throughout the year. (Photo via Sonya Khegay Photography)

7. Balsam Bottles: Décor + natural air freshener = perfection. Create some holiday vibes in your space by snipping off a few sprigs of balsam for your new wine bottle creation. (via Vibeke Design)

8. Wine: Music to My Ears: It’s amazing what you can find in antique shops. Go explore with some friends to see if you can find old sheet music. Then get to crafting! Of course, over a bottle or two of perfectly aged wine. (via Shabby in Love)

9. Gilded Glory: Holiday decor is all about all-metallic-everything, and these beauties will fit right in. Use a combination of gold and silver foils for a mixed-metals look. (Photo via A Subtle Revelry)

10. Metallic Bottles: Metallic nails, metallic temporary tattoos — why not some metallic wine bottles to be on trend? If you have a mod home or apartment, metallic bottles will make a statement. (via Blue I Style)

We’d love to see your creations. Post your designs for empty wine bottles in the comments!