Before you turn on the light in your brain each morning, you’ve gotta find a way to crawl out of your cozy bed and switch on the light in your room. If that sounds like a Herculean feat, Up Light is about to become your new BFF. Up Light is a smart, multicolored LED light bulb that wakes you up naturally and gives you full control of the lighting in your room, all with the simple change of a bulb.


This genius lightbulb is Bluetooth-enabled and super easy to use, with no WiFi required. Simply install it in your bedside lamp as you would a standard light bulb, and then download the free companion mobile app for full control of your room’s lighting from either your smartphone or tablet. The energy-efficient Up Light bulb delivers a gentle, yet powerful wakeup experience while using only nine watts, reducing your energy costs and lasting for up to 20 years!


What does light have to do with sleep? The light from smartphones and other screens viewed at night can prevent your body from releasing sleep hormones. Similarly, in the morning, exposure to light tells your body when to start a wake cycle. Because of its significant impact on our sleep cycles, light therapy has been used for years to treat sleep disorders.

Up Light offers you your own customized light therapy. All you have to do is set your wake time, and Up Light will give you a refreshing wakeup experience, complete with ambiance and relaxing sounds. To give yourself a bigger boost than any energy drink can muster, use the Up Light’s Energize mode for bright white light that is sure to amp up your energy levels. When you’re ready to go to sleep, the Up Light dims and turns itself off to save energy as you restore your energy.


Whether you want to stay alert for that Monday morning meeting or cure your late-night digital addiction for good, chances are that the Up Light can help. You can even take Up Light with you on the go and swap it out for the light bulb in your hotel to make it easier than ever to have a light bulb moment wherever you go.

Want to help the team behind Up Light give everyone the wake up call they deserve? You can support their Kickstarter campaign by pledging $1 or more.

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(Images via Kickstarter)