We have no problem admitting it: We’re fully obsessed with the Gilmore Girls. From this summer’s fan festival to the Stars Hollow subscription box, we love all things dedicated to Rory and Lorelai. So, of course, we’re counting down the days until the revival premieres on Netflix (less than three to go!). And if you’d like to get a dose of small town charm IRL, we rounded up seven of the most Stars Hollow-y cities across the US. Now only one question remains — do you want to meet a Jess or a Logan while you’re there?


1. Washington, CT: This is as close to Stars Hollow as you’ll ever get, since it’s the real-life inspiration behind the fictional town. The show’s creator, Amy Sherman-Palladino, said she had the idea for the show while visiting the area. She remembers residents at the Hidden Valley Eatery getting up to fill their own coffee cups and the charming (and chic!) Mayflower Inn as major points of reference. We suggest hitting up the Hickory Stick bookstore, a cozy independent bookshop Rory would have loved, and stocking up on junk food at Washington Food Market, where you’ll no doubt find Dean (or at least a Dean type) bagging groceries. (Photo via Finding Stars Hollow)


2. Fredericksburg, VA: The nation’s most historic town is an easy weekend trip from as far away as Philly, and the brick sidewalks, historic buildings and friendly locals in its downtown area will definitely give you all the Stars Hollow feels. Stay at the charming Kenmore Inn, grab a coffee (or five, this *is* Gilmore Girls, after all) at Hyperion Espresso, brunch it up at FoodE, check out local art at Liberty Town Arts Workshop and hunt for treasures at Hooked and Forage. In the evening, grab a cocktail at Kybecca’s gorgeous bar, nosh on contemporary Southern food at Bistro Bethem and enjoy a nightcap on Vivify’s rooftop if the weather is nice. Plus, all of these spots are easily walkable, so you have no need for a Jeep fresh off a deer accident. (Photo via Visit Fred)


3. Traverse City, MI: You know Stars Hollow loves a good festival (seriously, are they ever not celebrating?!), so visit in July to check out the famed Cherry Festival. This beach town also boasts a number of vineyards, like the recently opened Bonobo Winery, owned by HGTV’s Cater Oosterhouse. Cruise Front Street, packed with indie boutiques, to get some serious shopping done, and be sure to stop by Bubba’s for a Luke’s-sized brekkie. (Photo via Traverse City)


4. Louisville, CO: If you’re a Gilmore Girls fan with an affinity for nature (we don’t all have to be couch potatoes like the Gilmores!), you’ll want to check out Louisville. Not only will you get the small-town charm of the downtown (and a candy fix!), but you can also hike and bike all over the nearby mountains and parks. After you get your outdoors on, visit The Empire for an upscale Luke’s experience, complete with the vintage neon sign and delicious hamburgers. (Photo via Empire Restaurant)


5. Whitefish, MT: While the downtown streets of this northern Montana town may have views of the majestic mountains in Glacier National Park, it’s still strikingly similar to the Stars Hollow streets. Alpine Village Market feels like a gourmet Doose’s Market and the organic beauty shop Sage & Cedar is the kind of hippie place Babette would love. Rest your weary eyes at the Whitefish TLC B&B or the Pine Lodge, both of which have that homey, Firefly Inn feel. (Photo via Pine Lodge)


6. McKinney, TX: The best part about visiting downtown McKinney for their annual Home for the Holidays festival for a Gilmore Girls-eque experience (unless you’re Lorelai)? No need to bundle up against the snow. The town is also majorly into public art, so you can take in some culture while walking around Main Street. Emporium Pies is a bakery we’d be fine moving into, and Snug on the Square is a place where Lane would most definitely post up to do her homework and escape the antique shop. (Photo via Get McKinney)


7. Carmel-by-the-Sea, CA: There’s sadly not a Firefly Inn on this coastal Cali town’s hotel list, but it does boast quite the selection of charming B&Bs. We can just imagine Suki in the kitchen of the Pine Inn, with a surly-but-sweet Michel concierge at the front desk. Ocean Avenue is the west coast answer to downtown Stars Hollow; you’ll want to spend at least a day popping in shops and admiring the cool architecture. (Photo via See Monterey)

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