Every minute gets us closer to that moment we’ve been so desperately waiting for: The return of Gilmore Girls. We’ve been happily biding our time with Gilmore Girls cookbooks, Gilmore Girls candles and even sneak peeks behind-the-scenes. And now we’re one step closer to getting what we want and that step has come in the form of amazingly emotional pics that will have any Gilmore Girls fan squee-ing with giddy excitement. Seriously, they’ll have you seeing stars (er, Stars Hollow, that is).

Gilmore Girls

First, a few deets: It’s been almost a decade since we said goodbye to Lorelai and Rory but their return will see four 90-minute Gilmore Girls movies hitting Netflix. Woo!

Now the good nowadays stuff: EW has nabbed an ‘in’ and has pics and quotes galore! What’s happening in the lives of Lorelai and Luke? Where is Rory at in her career? What about those famous four final words??? It’s there for the Gilmore Girls-loving fans to indulge in.

Lauren Graham, who played Lorelai, told EW, “You know how you finish college and you’re a few years older and you’re like, ‘I wish I could go do this now ‘cause I would appreciate it so much more and understand it and get more out of it’? That’s the opportunity I have this with and I appreciate every day that I’m here.”

Just when we think we couldn’t possibly be more excited (or more emotional), they just keep ramping it up!


You can catch the photos here.

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(h/t via EW, Gilmore Girls Facebook/Getty)