We’re fascinated by small space living, and this Austrian house is our latest obsession. Not only is this 484-square-foot compact castle set in the middle of one of the most beautiful parts of the Alps, but it’s one of the most stylish homes we’ve seen. The name of the house is Uvogel, a combination of “UFO” (for its futuristic space vibes) and “Vogel” which means “” in German (for its bird-like beak at the entrance to the house). Let’s take a tour.

The house was designed by Peter Jungmann as a family vacation home, but is now available to rent year-round or for shorter mountain getaways. It’s minimalism at its finest, drawing so much beauty from the natural surroundings and maintaining a modern, low-impact vibe within. They’ve maximized every inch with built-ins that are functional and contemporary — shockingly, Uvogel sleeps six to eight people!

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