With summer winding down, we can’t stop fantasizing about vacations past, present and future, with entire days spent lounging by the water. To commemorate our love for all things design and summer, we’ve rounded up some of the most amazing vacation homes and getaways that we could only dream of owning someday. We’re talking floating islands, charming houseboats and luxury bungalows in the Maldives. So whip out those beach towels, because it’s time to take an imaginary trip to remember.

1. Cliffside Views: Sometimes all a solid vacation needs is a bit of sunrise – or sunset – and a quiet place away from it all. This beach house sits on the edge of Whitesand Bay in the U.K., rocks an eco-friendly attitude and comes equipped with a hot tub. What more could you want really? (via Unique Home Stays)

2. Whimsical Floating Home: If Dr. Seuss and Martha Stewart designed a home, this would be it. Clearly the good doctor was only allowed serious input on the outside of the home, but that’s still our favorite part. The only thing we could think to add is a hot tub. (via Tiny House Swoon)

3. Purple Retreat: We admit that it was the purple paint that first caught our eye, but there’s no denying how cute this little house is. Wake up every morning with the ultimate lakefront view and just dive off the deck all afternoon long. (via Portland Sunshine in Amsterdam)

4. Fantasy Bungalow: This bungalow located in the Six Senses Laamu Resort in the Maldives is a dream home for any human. Because who wouldn’t want to dip their toes into the ocean from the living room? (via JangaPlanet)

5. Sleepless in Seattle Houseboat: Yes, that girly scream was us, but we know we’ll be forgiven just this once. And while we might not ever have that Empire-State-Building moment here, we sure would be head over heels in love with this floating home. (via Popsugar)

6. Tropical Plush Lounge: These coral colors make us think of the tropics, warm breezes and sun-drenched deck lounging. We wouldn’t mind enjoying all of those things – and a baby blue ocean view – from the comfort of this plush porch lounge. (via A Punch of Color)

7. Lake Cabin: This secluded cabin has us craving marshmallows, campfires and many late-night swims. The calm water looks so inviting that we might need to bring a barbecue boat with us too. (via Decoholic)

8. Glass Floor Bungalow: When we woke up this morning, a starfish was under the floor. Okay, well maybe that hasn’t happened yet, but with this glass floor cottage it totally could. Anyone else ready to book their next vacation to the Maldives? (via Starwood Hotels)

9. Little House on the Beach: Who needs a mansion when you can wake up nestled above the ocean? This cute beachfront house surely beats any hotel view. (via Bubblews)

10. Retro-Style Houseboat: Even if the dog doesn’t come with this home, this cute little boat has it all. We love the warm colors splashed throughout, the wet bar and even the carefully matched orange staircases. We’re just waiting to get invites to the next party on this sweet ship, or to buy one of our own. (via HGTV)

11. Beach House Bonfire: This house is made for entertaining. With plenty of seating, including outdoor sofas under an overhang in case of a rainy afternoon, this beachfront beauty was made for us (and all of our closest friends). (via Ryan White Designs)

12. Shabby Chic at the Lake: This A-frame log cabin sits at the edge of the lake, and we’re longing to curl up next to the window with a good book. The whitewashed walls, picture window and chandelier make us yearn for evening parties with lots of candlelight. (via Nicety)

13. The Floating Seahorse. If we didn’t already love this house because of the name, we’d love it for the epic underwater view. And who needs a television when the living room view is a sea turtle or dolphins swimming by? (via Design Boom)

What’s your dream vacation home? Do you want to stick to land or enjoy those ocean waves? Share with us in the comments below.