The most romantic day of the year is coming up fast, but your baby might not be: You’ve got weeks or even months until they’re due to arrive. That means you still have time to celebrate a Valentine’s Day date with your grown-up babe (and possibly in a very grown-up way!). Forget about the fact that your belly is more like a mountain than a sweet, teeny bump, your feet feel like ever-expanding marshmallows and morning sickness has you throwing up seven times before lunch. Relax, let your S.O. pamper you, and point them to these romantically rad date ideas!


1. Couples Massage: Oh, your aching back! An evening out on your feet sounds kind of unbearable right now, but you still want to spend some romantic together-time with your boo. Book a couples’ massage at a nearby day spa — or better yet, book one at an away spa and spend an entire weekend (or at least an overnight) being soothed with your honey.


2. Best Brunch: You have some serious doubts about your pregnant self’s ability to stay awake past 6pm, which makes dinner reservations out of the question. But your maternity-induced sleepiness doesn’t have to mean skipping out on a romantic Valentine’s Day meal. There’s no rule that says you can only celebrate your love through a five-course dinner: Go out for a heartfelt brunch instead. And, bonus, there may even be heart-shaped pancakes!


3. Dinner at Home: Cooking on Valentine’s Day? No way. Hire a personal chef for the night. Yeah, it’s pretty pricey, but this may be one of the last times you’re doing something for yourselves before being covered in spit-up 24/7. Think of it as a takeout upgrade — you’ll enjoy the gourmet meal you’d have at a fancy restaurant without having to go out or do any prep yourself. It’s a totally hands-off, kitchen-free home date (which equals more time with your V-Day sweetie).


4. Musical Encounter: Someday in the not-so-distant future, your home will echo with music… performed by a band of cartoony puppets who play songs about feelings and making friends. This Valentine’s Day, take your chance to go hear some live, grown-up music. Packing yourself into a dark club that smells like a mixture of cheap beer, sweat and cigarettes probably isn’t appealing in your present pregnant state, so skip the old-school rock shows of your youth and stick to something more relaxing (and way more romantic). Reclining in the velvet-covered seats of a music hall to the sweet sounds of a symphony orchestra will more than do.


5. Artsy Fun: Flex your creative muscles (and practice for the crafting boom that comes with kids) with an art-filled Valentine’s date. Try out a DIY class together, hit one of those “paint a famous artwork” places or design some cute coffee cups at a pottery-painting gallery. If you’re not feeling your own inner artist shining through, try a trip to the nearest art museum. Hold hands, walk through the galleries and search out art that reminds you of your love for each other. Plus, when your feet get sore, there will be plenty of benches throughout the galleries for a sit-and-rest preggo break in front of a particularly admiration-worthy piece.

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