The heart eye emoji is one thing, but this takes it a seriously festive step further. Prepare to fall head-over-heels for these trending Valentine’s Day eye-makeup looks that are *all* about the heart eyes. From graphic eyeliner to pink shadow galore, these #LOTD’s are downright swoon-worthy.

1. Comme des Garçons-Inspired Eye Art: A red-haute statement heart from your brow to your under-eye totally screams ”V-Day.”

2. Red Under-Eye Hearts: Your graphic cat-eye calls for OTT lashes — and itty-bitty accent hearts beneath each eye. Then, as always, a red lip is the answer. (Photo via Lush Makeup Ideas)

3. Accent Heart and Graphic Liner in Red: Pink shadow meets perfection. This look pairs red wingtip liner with a romantically dainty accent heart to match.

4. Splash of Red Hearts: A splash of hearts along the cheekbone completes her artsy style. Pink and gold shadow pair to complete this lovely look.

5. Pink Eyeshadow, Cat-Eye, and Highlighter Hearts: Love is in the air! Apply pink ombre shadow and liquid cat-eye liner. In the place of your highlighter, add a trio of statement hearts to avoid being extra.

6. Red Lip and Black Statement Heart: On V-Day, a romantic red lip and a heart-shaped beauty mark steal hearts on the sly. It’s amore.

7. Metallic Pink Liner and Black Accent Heart: Take your pink eyeshadow to the next level with some on-trend metallic liner. Then swipe on black mascara and an eyeliner-filled heart at the outer corner of your eye for the grand finale.

8. Pink-Themed Heart Art: Calling all pink lovers! Glitter liner, petal-pink lippie, and a duo of hot-pink hearts on the cheek all happen when girly-girls come out to play.

9. Pink Glitter Heart: Sorry, not sorry — we just adore all things glitter. Keep your outline clean and the size small to avoid total glitter overkill. (Photo via Malpractice Makes Perfect)

10. Graphic Liner With Negative Space Heart: The cool-girl rocks V-Day glam by combining two trends in one. Graphic liner and a negative-space heart make up this chic little number.

11. Negative-Space Upper Eye Heart: The subtlest way to wear V-Day glam is definitely an outline up top. Minimalists *heart* this negative-space style, especially against neutral-hued backdrops.

12. Iridescent Pink Eye and Negative-Space Heart: Switching up your matte pink shadow with a little shimmer never hurts. Hack this look with a tiny heart-shaped sticker while you apply your makeup, then remove it at the end.

13. Negative-Space Blush Hearts: Hack this girly’s fabulous look with the technique above — only this time you can do it while you apply your blush. Voilà!

14. Soft Pink Eye and Matte White Hearts: Use a subtle shimmer that pops off at your inner-eye corners, then grab some matte liquid liner in white to top off your lids with a pair of hearts. (via WeHeartIt)

15. Curlicue Heart Liner: You’ll fall in love with this curlicue liner with each and every glance in the mirror. Are you swooning yet?

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