As we await to hear from new parents Serena Williams and Alexis Ohanian following the birth of their new babe, at least one member of the Williams’ family has broken her silence on the babe’s arrival.

Apparently having learned her lesson after being accused of leaking the baby’s gender, Venus Williams gave little to nothing away during a post-match press conference at the US Open, despite tricky questions from reporters who grilled her on everything from her phone conversation with her sister on the day of the babe’s arrival to her plans for the rest of the evening, blatantly stating, “I am definitely available to answer questions about tennis. That’s all right now.” She DID open up a bit to ESPN, however, who caught the tennis star mid-strut in a quiet hallway.

“It’s been reported that Serena has had a baby girl, and I just want to know your feelings on becoming an aunt again,” the journalist asked. Williams didn’t hold back, saying, “Obviously, I’m super excited,” before breaking into a grin. “I mean, words can’t describe.”

Of course, the 37-year-old also had her own exciting news to celebrate, as she advanced to the fourth round of the US Open after defeating Maria Sakkari just hours after news broke of her sister’s birth. According to ESPN, it’s a feat she hasn’t accomplished since 2010.

She also spoke to how she was able to focus during the aforementioned press conference, stating, “You know, I’m a real professional, ’cause I’ve been doing this for a long time, so, when the first ball starts, there’s a ton of excitement out there. It’s the US Open.”

Win or lose, she’ll surely have plenty of rewarding moments in the days ahead — ESPN claims the star even bought her own stroller for days spent with her new niece. Awwwww!

Congratulations on auntiehood AND your big win, Venus!

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(Photo via Jamie McCarthy + Richard Heathcote/Getty)