Do you guys remember VHS tapes? It seems like an eternity ago that we were rewinding The Little Mermaid to watch it for the 143,294th time, but it hasn鈥檛 actually been that long since the world switched to digital videos. Still, there鈥檚 this huge wave of nostalgia that passes over us every time we browse the weird VHS section at the thrift store. It鈥檚 doubtful they will ever make a return to relevancy like vinyl did in the music world, but we鈥檙e still loving these reinterpreted VHS-inspired skateboards from 5BORONYC.

The series of skateboard decks is based on common VHS sleeves from blank video tapes, so you鈥檒l probably recognize these designs immediately. They鈥檙e the same ones that house all your old home movies! Or, in our case, one of the tapes looks exactly like the one on which we recorded dozens of episodes of Captain Picard cruising the galaxy in Star Trek: The Next Generation.

We鈥檙e all for upcycling (and you know we love our nostalgia), so we seriously high five this recycling of some of our favorite memories.

Any of these tapes sitting in your parents鈥 basement? Let us know in the comments!