It’s Tuesday morning, and likely, you woke up thinking all you had to look forward to was a long, dull work day. But thank heavens for the Internet and its endless supply of entertainment. There’s a new puzzle sweeping the interwebs that is literally Where’s Waldo + The Dress 2.0 (which made a great 2015 Halloween costume, FYI) featuring some really festive snowmen and a single hidden panda. It was drawn by artist Gergely Dudás from Budapest, Hungary, who goes by the moniker The Dudolf. The puzzle is certified mega-viral and has already been shared over 100,000 times on Facebook. Probably because it’s so damn cute, but also because it is effectively… puzzling.


Hidden in the sea of snowmen is a singular panda, and it’s almost like a Magic Eye illusion trying to track down the little bear. Can YOU find the panda? Trust us, it’s there. Like we said, once you DO see it, you can’t unsee it.


Luckily, Dudolf has already followed up his first puzzle with another one with owls + one lurking kitty.

Happy hunting, guys.

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(Photo via Dudolf/Facebook + The Dudolf)