Whether you were loading up your virtual shopping cart with all those sweet Cyber Monday deals or snacking on your turkey leftovers (or both!), there’s no denying that the holiday shopping season has officially begun. If home is where the heart is, then gifting one of these 17 timeless (and supremely awesome) pieces of wall art is an absolute no-brainer. When you give wall art that looks this cool, it’s guaranteed to hang around way past the holidays.

1. Twine After Time Photo Hanger Kit ($20): Give the gift of never confining your photos to a frame with this rustic hanger.

2. Day and Night at Christmas ($50): This charming, seasonally appropriate poster not only glows in the dark, but also gives a cute shoutout to some of our favorite scenes from Elf, The Grinch Who Stole Christmas and A Christmas Story.

3. Custom Family Portrait ($60): A perfect gift for your parents, this personalized portrait would fit in so well between your awkward high school portraits and your baby pics. Just include a family photo, special date and background color with your purchase and the artist will send back a one-of-a-kind illustration.

4. Round Here Photo Frame ($40): What better way to celebrate your friendship than to give this unique frame filled with some of your favorite moments together? Or fill it with cat (or dog) pictures — that’s pretty sweet, too.

5. Cactus & Succulent Print ($50): Warm hearts with this colorful, whimsical print that will never need watering.

6. Circular Hoop – Set of 3 ($50): Inspired by Mark Twain, encourage your loved ones to never quit daydreaming with these daily reminders.

7. Emma Litogram ($24): Spruce up the walls of your favorite bookworm’s home with this intricate print, created using all the words from Jane Austen’s Emma. Check out Litogram’s shop for even more book options.

8. Blank Chalkboard Wall Hanging ($50): This flexible chalkboard fabric hangs between two stained dowels, making it a portable and light addition to any room. Before wrapping, leave a little note on the board to surprise your friend.

9. Horn Is Where the Heart Is Wall Hooks ($15): If you know your loved ones as well as you think you do, then you’ll know these hangers are the cute, decorative and practical way to keep them organized.

10. ‘”entle Reminders” Print Poster ($16): While you’d never forget how charming your friends are, they’ll appreciate the reminder.

11. Minty Blue Polka Dots Baroque Mirror ($99): It’s no secret that we’re obsessed with this minty fresh color, so we’re obviously dying to gift this to our friends (and maybe ourselves, too) this holiday season.

12. CA Home Is Where the Heart Is ($50): Your bestie deserves some wall art that reflects her heart of gold and her serious hometown pride. Check out the B+C Shop for even more state options.

13. Stephanie Fuoco Rectangular Weaving ($300): While this might be slightly out of our gifting price range, we can’t help but swoon over the minimalist colors and rustic handmade frame.

14. The Many Varieties of Beer ($29): We’ve got our coffee lovers covered with this holiday gift guide, but we could never forget about our favorite beer fanatics.

15. Colorful Triangles Print ($18): Bold colors + modern vibes = the dream gift for any professional (or aspiring) graphic designer.

16. Chalkboard Wall Decal ($16): Bold letters are never boring, especially not when you can scribble on them. Write a fun message and remind your loved ones to sit down, chill and eat.

17. Hand-Drawn Removable Wallpaper Tile ($27): Know someone itching for some change in their apartment? This removable wallpaper adds a fun graphic to any room, without any long-term commitment.

Will you be gifting any wall art this holiday season? Let us know in the comments!