You may have noticed that we’re a teensy bit obsessed with wall customization. I mean, you can’t spell paint without pain, amiright? Plus, how do you know you’re still going to love that shade of sea-foam green in a year? That’s why we’re all about crafty temporary solutions like magnetic wallpaper, washi tape fireplaces, and removable wall decals. And as luck would have it, we’ve found three handfuls of stylish wall decals that we love, and we think you will too.

1. Tiny Honeycomb ($30): These colorful little 2 1/2 inch honeycombs come in packs of 40, so you can have one confetti accent wall or spread them out all over the house!

2. Hearts ($40): We’re calling this look modern-day Mexican-inspired chic. These doily hearts are just lovely. They come in two sizes and four colors: green, pink, red and dark gray.

3. Mini Triangles ($25): Mur, out of Salt Lake City, gets it. They get that decals can be totally chic. And now you have yet another way to spruce up your bookshelf.

4. Jonathan Adler Bargello Wave ($43): If there’s one thing we have in common with Jonathan Adler, it’s our supreme love for color. And while we’d absolutely love to have him decorate our office space, we’re happy to make do with his funky wall decals.

5. Fixy Hand-Drawn Bike ($80): Even if you don’t have a bike, you can’t help but feel like belting it out like Freddy Mercury about how much you like to ride your bicycle. Dear spring, you can’t come soon enough!

6. Rainbow of Colors Polka Dots ($36): Oh confetti, how you make us smile. This set of 36 colorful dotty decals will give your walls that funfetti look. But they weren’t made by Willy Wonka, so don’t go licking them.

7. Mosaic ($23): Sumit Dubey, the owner and maker of Ble Ucoin, grew up with a pretty awesome dad. His dad gave him his very own wall in the house that he could do anything he wanted with. First there were mountains, than rivers and trees, and now just some super sleek mosaic decals. We thank you, Sumit Dubey’s father.

8. Stripes ($30): Finally a backdrop worthy of your Eames rocking chair.

9. Mini Clouds Wallsticker ($19): Has anyone ever told you to get your head out of the clouds? (We hear ya.) Now you can make it look like your head is literally in the clouds. We’re big fans of the hot pink, but they’re also available in black.

10. Turkish Tiles ($69): Remember when we told you about beautiful backsplashes? Well as pretty as they were to look at, the prices tags on them were steep like whoa. Here’s a way to achieve the effect without the quadruple dollar-sign price tag.

11. Color Block ($95): Miss Mina Javid took wall decals there, and we’re as pleased as punch about it.

12. Palm Trees Wall Decals ($30): Make any room feel like a tropical paradise with these breezy palm tree decals. Bonus points for beach chairs and Bahama Mama cocktails.

13. Small Triangles: Here’s a neat alternative to painting an accent wall. Use small triangle wall decals in different colors. Mur sells them in sets of 24 and in nine colors. They’ve even got a gallery of patterns — based on a standard 8×10 wall.

14. Black Dachshunds ($70): Wiener dogs. All over your walls.

15. Znak Mosaic Wallpaper (Call for pricing): The makers call their products removable wallpaper, but really that’s just another way to say wall decal. And can we talk about how adorable and cool their imagery of kids kind of being adults is? We approve.

16. Owl ($33): You might remember our previous post on Puxxle. These are a bit more challenging (aka fun) because instead of getting your wall decal in one big piece, you get it as little square “pixels,” which you have to form into the correct shape. This owl is doubly fun because its eyes glow in the dark. What a hoot!

17. Floating House Vinyl Wall Decal: We love how much this reminds us of Up. You can mix it up with a different house color and up to four balloon colors.

What’s on your walls? Stick it to us in the comments below!