We’re in full force on the holiday front, and the unusual, ridiculous, and downright weird are no exception. Today’s collection of oddities comes in the form of ornaments! From edibles to equines, here are a dozen odd ornaments perfect for adding that certain sense of strange to your tree.

1. Budweiser Scarf Ornament ($8): First up, this cozy little bud’s for you! Adorn your tree with your favorite staple brew, and then throw back a cold one.

2. Lederhosen Unicorn ($16): Apparently Lederhosen Unicorn is a thing. We’re in.

3. Hot Dog Ornament ($14): Just because barbecue season is long gone doesn’t mean you can’t appreciate a fake pack of miniature hot dogs on your tray.

4. Funny Side Up ($12): Few breakfast options beat eggs and bacon, so why not commemorate your love of the most important meal right on your Christmas tree?

5. Googly-Eyed Bacon ($7): It’s bacon with eyes. What more do you need to know?

6. Tuna Can Ornament ($9): Jessica Simpson would totally approve. Now you just need some chickens!

7. 100 Dollar Bill Ornament ($12): Tap into your inner Kimye and just throw those hundos up on the tree. Then you can make some really awesome puns about how, in your house, money does grow on trees.

8. EZ Bake Oven Ornament ($12): Now all we need is a Bedazzler ornament, a Bop-It, and our inner tweenage selves will be so psyched.

9. Taco Truck Ornament ($17): Get into the food truck craze with a food truck ornament? Sure.

10. Leg Lamp Ornament ($15): Yesss! Remember the leg lamp from A Christmas Story?! This ornament rules.

11. Bag of Chips Ornament ($7): But are they baked?

12. Creepy Horse Head Ornament ($13): And the award for creepiest ornament ever goes to… this creepy horse head!

What’s the weirdest ornament you’ve ever seen? Talk to us in the comments below.