We’re on a chic Christmas kick here at Brit HQ, making and searching the web for the most stylish takes on classic holiday decorations from wreaths to gift toppers, with a slipper or two in between.

And now that it’s totally appropriate to put our tree up, we’re turning our attention to ornaments. While there are tons of cute, colorful, and hilarious ornaments around, today is all about the 40 most chic ones. Happy holidays!

1. Agate Ornaments ($8): We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again, agate slices are having a serious moment. We remember collecting these in a caboodle back when Natural Wonders and The Nature Company were still around, and now they’re popping up everywhere. These ornaments could also be hacked by simply tying wire or twine onto regular old agate slices.

2. Vintage Camera Glass Ornament ($11): Shutterbugs rejoice! How cute is this old school camera ornament? We love the glittery details.

3. Curled Paper Star with Champagne Glitter ($7): Technically, you can indeed make these yourself… but they won’t be quite as perfect and certainly not as sparkly.

4. Himmeli Ornaments ($95 for 6): Love the geometric ornament trend? These beautiful metal ornaments might just work themselves into your home decor all year round.

5. Ceramic House ($6): This beautifully made ceramic house makes us dream of hot cocoa, snowy sidewalks, and that special sense of magic in the air on the night before Christmas.

6. Video Game Console Ornaments ($35 for 10): For the forever gamer, these ornaments are sure to add a necessary touch of geek points to the tree this year.

7. Silver Mistletoe Ornament ($5): Who says you can’t put your mistletoe right on the tree? Just be sure to place it high enough that unsuspecting lovebirds can still walk right under it ;)

8. Carved Snowflake Ornament ($8): A wooden snowflake? Why yes! We might have to try out own take on this with our brand new laser cutter.

9. Glass Mushroom Ornament ($8): Feel like foraging on your tree? Then adorn it with these adorable mushrooms, straight out of a rustic Kinfolk-inspired version of Mario.

10. Quill and Quiver Ornaments ($10): Go boho with it and decorate your tree with these hipster-ish arrows.

11. Mini Beaded Pinecone ($1): Did you know that pinecones could actually be fancy? ;)

12. Mosaic Star Ornament ($17): A modern twist on a classic, we love the miniature mosaic tiles on this hanging star.

13. Stag Horn Ornament ($11): Another one for the rustic Christmas scene, this mini stag horn is perfect for a hunting lodge aesthetic.

14. Santa Lucia Snowflake Set ($22): This delicate ornament set is so beautiful, we almost want to wear it!

15. Dimensional Snowflake ($8): Lots of layers and beautifully cut metal create this out of this world ornament.

16. Succulent Ornament ($22): What?! Yes. A succulent ornament! Air plants would also make pretty awesome ornaments.

17. White Frosted Acorn Ornament ($6): Just watch for squirrely house guests.

18. DIY Geometric Paper Ornaments ($25 for 8): Back to the modern holiday with these DIY paper ornaments. Another set that we’d happily display all year long.

19. Glass Pinecone Ornaments ($30 for 36): More pinecones! This glass set of 36 is all you need to add a cohesive tough to your tree.

20. Geometric Wooden Ornament ($25): These might be our favorite ones on the list, though they are definitely on the non-traditional side.

21. Silver Glitter Star ($3): … ’cause baby you’re a firewoooork ;)

22. Vintage Camper Ornament ($11): This is so awesome! Makes us want to fire up the old Airstream (we don’t actually have one… yet) and hit the road!

23. Mercury Glass Owl Ornament ($9): Hooooo loves the holidays? We do, we do!

24. Ombre Glitter Drop Ornaments ($8 each): Ombre silver and gold glitter? Don’t mind if we do.

25. Geometric Gold Ornaments ($9): Okay, we’re calling it. The biggest new trend on the Christmas decor front is definitely geometric objects, in the form of garlands, ornaments, and maybe even Christmas sweaters?

26. Old School Gadget Ornaments ($30 for 7): Is that a Zack Morris cell phone I see?

27. Eclectic Mercury Glass Ornaments ($19 for 3): For a more traditional trio, try out this chic collection of mercury glass goodies.

28. Glittered Arrow Ornament ($6): Who says Cupid’s arrow can’t strike at Christmas?

29. Silver Cone Bell ($3): More cowbell!

30. Soapstone Pebble Owl Ornament ($4): This is the kind of keepsake ornament that can last through many Christmases and many generations.

31. White Ceramic Stag Bust ($4): Another stag, but this time he’s got a head too ;)

32. Glass Icy Orb Ornaments ($10 for 2): These look like they’re straight out of Game of Thrones – we love all the layers and icy texture.

33. Porcelain Pinecone ($16): As if we’d only feature two types of pinecones on here — hello!

34. Mercury Glass Polar Bear ($5): How adorable are these little bears? We love the idea of getting a pair for newlyweds, and adding new ones as new family members are born.

35. Mini Vintage Hand-Blown Glass Ornaments ($15 for 12): We actually love the look of these simply hanging in midair, sans tree.

36. Vintage Hand-Blown Faceted Glass Ball ($19): For the more grown-up version, go for this hammered faceted glass ball.

37. Metal Cutout Star Ornaments ($20 for 2): These are like the fancier version of those paper cut out stars we all had in our dorm rooms.

38. Brass Feather Ornaments ($8): We do love us a good feather hack. When in doubt, you can always put a bird (feather) on it ;)

39. Mercury Monogram Ornament ($6): You can never go wrong with a monogram, especially in mercury.

40. Small Flat Birch Wood Ornaments ($9 for 6): And finally, a set of ornaments for the naturalist.

What ornaments do you hang every year? Any new ones from this list that you’ll add to your tree? Talk to us in the comments below.