When it comes to eyewear, Warby Parker has nestled a very special place in our hearts. Affordable, trendy and charitable, the brand鈥檚 frames do a top notch job of keeping our vision sharp and our style even sharper. Case in point: this new collaboration between WP and Ghostly International.


If you鈥檙e not yet familiar with Ghostly, the company describes itself as 鈥渁 multi-platform cultural curator.鈥 What does that actually mean? Well, they kind of do a little bit of everything. They鈥檙e a clothing label, design house, art gallery and record label all wrapped up into one. Consider them kind of like the James Franco of the creative world.

The two brands have worked together previously to create the 鈥淐urtis鈥 frame. Now they鈥檙e back at it with the release of 鈥Henning,鈥 a minimalist pair of glasses crafted from premium matte acetate and Japanese matte titanium. In a post announcing the release of the new frames, Ghostly describes them as, 鈥渂eautifully minimal frames with a sense of character that鈥檚 strong and distinct without being distracting. Our desire with Henning was to showcase quality, character and resilience.鈥


And that they did 鈥 the frames are sleek and simple but have a definite elegance about them. Coming in at $145 (lenses included), they鈥檙e also a major steal. Whether you鈥檙e reading Jane Austen or staying up late working on your newest mixtape, chances are you鈥檒l look a lot cooler if you鈥檙e doing so while wearing these.

Do you own a pair of Warby Parker frames? What鈥檚 the name of them? Share with us in the comments below.

(Photos via Warby Parker and @warbyparker)