We thought we鈥檇 hit the customized footwear cap after聽build-your-own flats, but our new聽shoe company crush takes the trend a step beyond.

Introducing聽Figgie Shoes, an amazing new way for brides to make a unique style statement all the way down to their toes. Creator and artist聽Deborah Thomson uses pretty watercolors to hand-paint the story of your love right on your heels.

The one-of-a-kind designs聽are part imagination, part your story. 聽Commission a聽pair and get prepared to share. 鈥淚 start by talking with a bride about her unique story or her wedding plans, or even聽just聽look at the style of the shoes themselves. It gives me a lot of inspiration and insight into what style would best suit her聽on her special day,鈥 says Thomson.


Like many of our favorite maker stories, Figgie Shoes originated as a hobby. Thomson, who had always been an artist, was working as a wedding photographer when a fellow photog pal聽asked her to paint her wedding dress.

Five years later, Thomson has painted shoes for hundreds of people all around the world. At one point, the sole-full designer had a 200 plus waiting list for her beautiful designs!


鈥淚n the beginning, I really struggled with handling all of the orders and emails and also juggling my photography business. I thought that asking for help with the tasks meant that I wasn鈥檛 as good or it was just me taking the easy way out instead of buckling down and doing what I should be able to do,鈥 says Thomson. 鈥淚 realized pretty quickly that hiring help was not only necessary but also better leadership.鈥

Today, Figgie Shoes is a family affair. Thomson鈥檚聽sister Leah handles all of the office-related responsibilities while聽another sister, Becky, designed the original website and handled the office for the first year.


Not getting hitched? You don鈥檛 need a ring to snag a pair of Figgie Shoes. There are no prerequisites for these babies!聽鈥淚鈥檝e done artwork on baby shoes, purses, makeup bags, wallets, gloves, scarfs, backpacks, mugs鈥 even cufflinks! If you have something you鈥檇 like personalized, there鈥檚 a good chance I can do it for you.鈥

We鈥檝e already started our list.


What would you want to see on your pair of Figgie Shoes?