When it comes to furniture shopping, finding a product that fits perfectly in your space can be hard. It’s either too big, too small, or just not right. Then there’s the whole return process. *Cue the frustration.* That’s why online retailer Wayfair stepped in to make the experience much, much easier. Their app now features augmented reality that lets you try 3D products at home before you buy. Just add in a couple of cute movers to trek your new purchase up the stairs and you officially have the most seamless shopping experience ever.

So just how does it work? Begin by selecting one of the 40,000 Wayfair products from their massive database. Then, use your device’s camera to virtually place it in the desired room. Try the product out for feel by moving and rotating it around in various layouts and placements. You can even play around with the lighting if you want to! Once you’re sold on the style and sizing, simply click to purchase the product directly in the app. Before you know it, your new velvet couch will be en route.

Check out the entire live demo below. Then, head over to their site to download the app so you can order your next home addition — without even putting on shoes.

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(Photos and video via Wayfair)