We all know cereal is the simplest breakfast there is, making it the ideal meal聽for college students and the working masses on the go. And maybe it even accounts for some of our lunches and dinners too (we鈥檝e all聽been found guilty of that). But cereal has so many more possibilities. Put away the milk, put down your spoon and read on to find 13 life-changing ways to eat cereal thanks to our friends at Spoon University.


1.聽Colorful and Sweet Lucky Charms Cookie Sandwich: Let鈥檚 be honest: The best part of Lucky Charms is always the marshmallows. This cookie sandwich聽takes marshmallows to a whole new level. (Photo via Kirby Barth)


2.聽DIY Momofuku Cereal Milk:聽Momofuku鈥檚 genius creation is basically a cereal smoothie, combining all that goodness you get at the bottom of your cereal bowl. If you鈥檙e not in New York, you can create your own version of the famed cereal milk. (Photo via Aja Frost)


3. Fruity Pebbles Rice Krispies Treat: This combination of your classic childhood cereal and lunch snack makes for an epic take on the traditional Rice Krispie treat.聽(Photo via Phoebe Melnick)

puppy chow

4.聽Chocolate and Peanut Butter Puppy Chow:聽Puppy Chow is a classic snack, but this recipe combines peanut butter and chocolate, aka a match made in heaven. Too basic? Check out this red velvet puppy chow. Instaworthy. (Photo via Tess Wei)


5.聽鈥淔ried鈥 Ice Cream:聽This dessert is slightly healthier than the fried ice cream you find at county fairs. All you need to do is find some corn flakes and coat your ice cream. Nom. (Photo via Megan Suckut)


6.聽Banana Crunch:聽Bananas and peanut butter make the ultimate snack, but the addition of cereal gives it a satisfying crunch.聽The Trix make聽this treat look fun, but you can really use any cereal you want. (Photo via Megan Suckut)


7.聽DIY Customizable Granola:聽Have a box of cereal that鈥檚 lost its crunchiness? Repurpose it聽by replacing the oats in this granola recipe聽with cereal. (Photo via Lauren Kaplan)


8.聽Bite-Sized S鈥檓ores:聽The perfect late-night snack, these聽s鈥檓ores bites聽are easy to make and addictive to eat. (Photo via Caroline Grew)


9.聽Microwavable Cereal Snack Bars With Butterscotch Topping:聽Remember those delicious cereal bars your mom would pack in your lunchbox when you were little? Make them yourself with this easy recipe. You鈥檙e only 10 minutes away from the best #tbt of your life. (Photo via Sharpay Zhang)


10.聽DIY Kind Bars:聽Who needs to pay over $2 per bar when you can make your own? These granola bars聽are just as healthy and delicious as the store-bought kind and are a good way to use up leftover Rice Krispies. (Photo via Theresa Sullivan Photography)


11.聽Crunchy S鈥檓ores Bars:聽Give your classic s鈥檓ores an upgrade with these cinnamon-y bars. (Photo via Agnes Chen)


12.聽Slutty Rice Krispie Treats:聽Why settle for basic Rice Krispie聽treats when you can make them slutty? This recipe聽is loaded聽with Oreos and M&Ms, resulting in chocolate-y goodness. (Photo via Amanda Shulman)

apple pie

13.聽Mini Apple Pie Bites:聽If the thought of making a pie is too daunting for you, try these apple pie bites聽for an easy way to get your fix. (Photo via Sherry Xiao)

Do you have any other creative ways to eat cereal without milk? Let us know in the comments!