Cubicles get a bad rap, and it’s not hard to see why. More often than not, they’re gray, cramped, and the textbook definition of cookie-cutter. And even once you’ve climbed the corporate ladder enough to merit a bit more space than the average cube (go after those promotions, girl!), you probably still find that your workspace is seriously lacking in life and color. While your desk at the office will never represent your personal style as much as the decor at your home does — and your office chair will never hold a candle to your precious living room sofa — you can still add pops of color and whimsy to make the hours between nine and five feel a little less neutral and… well, blah. Here are five suggestions for doing just that!

1. Check out our Brit + Co DIY Planners ($15 for larger size, $6 for mini binder). There’s no better way to make your chaotic schedule look and feel a little more manageable than to spruce up your planning, and our full collection of DIY planners will give you the perfect canvas to do just that — and with maximum color to boot! Now available exclusively at Target, these awesome agendas come in colorful patterns and with accompanying desk accessories that are equally vibrant (think color-block binder clips and funky magnetic bookmarks to make sure you don’t lose your place in the busy schedule). Up the ante on both color and function by checking out the line for yourself.

2. Use fabric or wrapping paper to create a wallpaper effect. Do you spend your days in a cubicle that feels way more drab than fab? Say goodbye to your taupe prison by tacking up fabric swatches or sheets of colorful wrapping paper. You’ll bring tons of life and whimsy to your workspace without losing the magnetic or cork board functionality, plus you’ll be able to switch your pattern out for something new the next time you’re feeling down about your desk. (via Wayfair)

3. Craft crystal paperweights. We’re all guilty of a little unnecessary paper clutter (yes, even the neat freaks among us have days when we just can’t find the time to get totally organized), and there’s nothing like a colorful, sparkly paperweight to tidy things up around the desk. DIY these faux-crystal versions with just a few easy-to-find materials, including cardboard, pottery plaster, popsicle sticks, and a craft paint of your choice! (via A Beautiful Mess)

4. Max out on color with a mini “gallery wall.” We doubt that you have the kind of wall space necessary to create a truegallery wall at the office (and if you do, more power to ya!), but a few colorful frames can really go a long way. Simple, inexpensive white frames in different sizes are the basis for this DIY project, and all you’ll need to get the bright effect you’re looking for is spray paint. Add in a few hand-lettered quotes or your favorite photos and lean the frames against your office or cubicle wall. (via Contemporist)

5. Perk up your file cabinets. Contact paper is good for more than just lining the inside of your underwear drawers! Make it work for you by using it to give those boring file cabinets a much-needed face lift. With a little color, they’ll feel less like outdated storage modules and more like fun, funky office add-ons. (via Persia Lou)

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