Anita Yokota is a Jill of many trades, with experience in photojournalism and a true passion (and talent!) for interior decorating. She offers professional product styling and interior design services — and she’s raising three kids. Oh, and her Instagram account is a boho, shibori-filled paradise. So just how does she do it all? We caught up with the Orange County-based boss lady to find out exactly what inspires her on the daily, what her fave trends and decor pieces are, and why you should consider the sofa the anchor of your room.

Brit + Co: What inspires you on a daily basis?

Anita Yokota: “Colors and textures of everyday life inspire me and my designs. I love, love, love to layer textures, natural elements, and colors with my muse for the day. For example, recently when I was in the desert, the sunrise colors of pink and orange influenced the blush tones of my guest room makeover.”

B+C: What are some summer decor trends you are excited about?

AY: “I love bringing the outdoors in during the summer. Playful colors like rich indigo, soft blush, bright modern yellow, and cheery light chartreuse are particularly on my mind this season. I also love adding statement sculptures like the white ceramic open hand or the cute boho plant containers with the face and pretty eyes and eyelashes. Summery-themed coffee books and beachy prints are big winners too!”

B+C: What’s your favorite color and texture right now?

AY: “My all-time favorite color is indigo. However, because it’s summer, I am obsessed with blush tones. They are a fun way to add femininity to the summer blues and bolder pops of color. And they go well with brass and other metallics.”

B+C: How would you describe your aesthetic in one word?

AY: “I love mixing styles in together, so I would say eclectic!”

B+C: If you could only have one piece of furniture, what would it be?

AY: “A well-designed sofa. It is the anchor of any room or space. I always start with a sofa when I design a living space. Plus, it’s the best place to relax and enjoy a nap!”

B+C: What advice would you give young women trying to pursue creative careers?

AY: “Follow your true passions to provide longevity in any career. At the same time, be well educated in what you are getting yourself into. Do lots of research about the field you are interested in, network around, and ask other creatives what their experience has been like. Do some short stints to try it out, and be financially cushioned for several months so that you will not stress yourself out. Remember, pursuing your dream does not have to be an OR situation. It can be both a reality and dream. Just be smart about it.”

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