Confession: I, Maddie, am a doodle hoarder. I have a huge manila folder brimming with sketches, swirls, tracings and diagrams dating back to my middle school days. Long after my math class notes have waned in importance, the doodles filling the margins have been carefully preserved, *just in case.* Chances are, you can probably relate to my problem. We’re partnering with Bamboo to FINALLY put those doodles to use, and to inspire you to do the same!


Wacom recently debuted the Bamboo Slate, a smartpad that digitizes handwritten ideas, drawings and notes. You can write naturally on any paper with the Bamboo Slate’s smart pen, then store, shape and share your ideas in the cloud. That means I can digitize *all* of my doodles with the help of Bamboo, opening the door to do a heck of a lot more with them. DIY temporary tattoos? Yup. eCards? Duh. Illustrated flair for my Instagram posts? Already in the works. Scroll on for 13 project ideas to turn your drawings into SO much more.


1. Print coloring pages. Here’s a BIG plus to going digital with your doodles: You can duplicate them! Just like that, your drawings are coloring pages. This would totally make a cute birthday gift, don’t you think?

2. Paint a wall mural. Once you’ve digitized your drawing, print it on a transparent sheet and pop it into a projector. Project the design onto a wall, trace the outline, then paint. Neat idea, right?!


3. Make nostalgic Shrinky Dink patches. Remember these?! Print your drawings on Shrinky Dink paper, color ‘em in, then bake them. Add a pin back and bam — you have DIY flair. Check out the full tutorial here!

4. Design your own T-shirt. We’ve gotta give credit to Dina Rodriguez for this idea: She made a rad T-shirt design using her hand lettering skills and Bamboo. Check out her full process — from thumbnails to drafts to the final product — over on Bamboo’s blog.


5. Design your own labels. DIY gift alert! Top some homemade marmalade (there’s nothing better!) with delightful custom labels. Sketch the design on the Bamboo smartpad, transfer it to your computer to gussy it up, then print on sticker paper and cut out the label with a utility knife. Done and done!

6. Make an eCard. While snail mail will always have a place in our hearts, you’ve gotta love the ever-evolving eCard for its shareability. To give your virtual mail a personal touch, try designing your own cards. Birthdays, Christmas, friend-iversaries, what have you — there is *always* an excuse to send a sweet, homemade message.


7. DIY a stamp. Um, how cute is this idea?! Print your image, trace it onto a rubber pad, then get carving. We love the idea of customizing notebooks and t-shirts with these guys. You can learn more with our simple tutorial.

8. Design your very own tattoo. If you’re like me, you might have a personal symbol you find yourself drawing CONSTANTLY. Why not make it a tattoo? Draw it, digitize it and export it as a Vector File to touch up on your computer, then send to the tattoo artist for the perfect personal tattoo. I’m already planning on it ;)


9. Make desktop wallpapers. We loooooove this idea. In our books, refreshing our desktop wallpaper is always a good call. We’re staring at our computers all day every day, so why not personalize what you’re looking at? Chances are, your friends will want a file copy ;)

10. Print homemade stickers. You guys, it’s actually *crazy* easy to make your own stickers. Most office supply stores carry sticker paper that’s compatible with generic printers. Time to decorate your laptop case!


11. Create a logo. Does your business card need a facelift? Add some personality to it with your very own logo. Learn more with our online class.

12. Make a phone case insert. Instead of dropping major bucks on new phone cases every time yours is feelin’ old, try this: Buy a clear phone case, then DIY your own paper case inserts.


13. Try printmaking. I’ve saved my favorite for last: Make your own patterns! Using the DIY stamp technique mentioned above, you can stamp handmade patterns and prints. The options are endless as to what you can do with these beauties: DIY wrapping paper, handmade fabric prints, even homemade wallpaper. Just switch up the ink depending on the materials you’ll be applying the DIY stamps to. You can learn more with our printmaking online class.

There you go — 13 applications for your amazing doodles, all with the help of the genius Bamboo Slate. Here’s to never, ever letting a good idea go to waste :)

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