Tween mom alert: Nickelodeon premiered a cool new show this week that you’ll love to watch with your kids — no, but seriously. Webheads brings a traditional Funniest Home Videos feel to the YouTube age, in a fun game show format. Internet-savvy contestants around the age of 12 compete in such tech-sounding challenges as Buffering, Memory Overload or Trending Now — all revolving around funny viral videos.

As contestants get eliminated, they jump on a surfboard to, quite literally, surf the web — while getting drenched. A fun way to send them home! Something we didn’t see coming? The winner gets on the surfboard as well, but he gets a thorough slime treatment. When you’re 12 — that’s actually a reward.

Host (and former Big Time Rush member) Carlos PenaVega (pictured above getting an epic slime shower) does a flawless job running the show, keeping the vibe lighthearted and entertaining. The best review they can get is coming from my son. When the show was over, he fell silent for a couple of seconds, and then with big eyes he said, “I want to go there!” Two thumbs up from us, Nick!

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