If there’s ever a time to look and feel your best, your wedding day is it. For more than two decades, hair and makeup artist Jana Bunge, owner of Los Angeles’ award-winning Jana + Co. Makeup and Hair Design, has been helping brides and bridal parties do just that. Now, to help make your own big-day beauty vision a reality, she’s sharing 11 of her best tips on everything from hiring a hair and makeup artist to discovering the best look to suit your personal style. Check out her expert advice below and get ready to unleash your inner bridal bombshell.

Wedding Day Hair_ Waves

1. Understand the value of hiring a professional hair and makeup artist. When it comes to creating the perfect wedding day look, hiring a professional is an excellent decision. “My job is to not only make you look and feel your best, but to be a support system to you, as well as your bridal party and family, throughout the getting-ready process,” says Jana. A seasoned artist, she explains, will be keenly aware of the vibe in the room, and can help ease jitters and maintain a positive dynamic.

2. Hire someone you trust. “Do your research on vendors,” advises Jana. “Get referrals, and when you meet with each one, make sure it’s a good fit.” A talented artist who is prepared, knowledgeable and ready to meet the needs of each client can play a major role in ensuring a smooth, well-organized start to your day.

Wedding Day Makeup

3. Gather inspiration on Pinterest. Pinterest is the perfect place to dig up all sorts of wedding inspiration, including creative hair and makeup ideas. “I always tell my brides to gather pictures of what they like,” says Jana. “After a while, they will notice a trend.” Maybe you’ll find yourself drawn to elegant, romantic updos, or more offbeat, funky styles. Once you have a general idea of what you love, you and your artist can review the options and determine what works best based on your dress, jewelry, venue and theme.

4. Be you. From braids to vintage waves, there are plenty of hot trends to help inspire a beautiful bridal look. Most importantly, though, you want to select styles that suit your hair type and facial features, and leave you looking and feeling like yourself. “You want to be the best you,” says Jana.

Wedding Day Hair_Curls

5. Keep your hair healthy, and avoid making any last-minute color changes. Jana suggests getting regular trims prior to the wedding, and to complete any color treatments one to two weeks ahead of time. Thinking of making a dramatic color change late in the game? Jana advises against it. “No impulse decisions,” she cautions. “You may regret it.”

6. Take great care of your skin. It’s important to establish a good skincare routine at least six months before the big day, Jana says. If you already get facials on a regular basis, get your last one about a week before the wedding. Don’t get facials on the regular? Starting up at the last minute is a bad idea. “Your skin may react,” Jana explains. Also keep in mind that any brow waxing is best done four to five days before tying the knot.

Wedding Day Hair_Roll

7. Drink plenty of water. The stress and excitement of wedding planning, not to mention the big day itself, can make it all too easy to forget to stay hydrated. However, Jana reminds brides that this is an important part of looking and feeling their best. If you haven’t been getting enough H2O, start now, and keep it up all the way through to the “I do.”

8. Use the right hair products. The right products can greatly enhance your bridal look. Some of Jana’s top picks for hair include thermal heat spray, molding paste to tame unruly locks and mousse to add body to fine tresses. Once you’ve perfected your style, keep it in place with long-lasting hairspray.

Wedding Day Hair_Brush

9. Use the right makeup products. You didn’t think we’d forget about makeup, did you? Start with a clean, moisturized face, says Jana, and add primer to help keep your makeup looking fresh throughout the day. Go with matte shadow, liner and cheek color, plus just a hint of shimmer on cheekbones. Too much shine won’t photograph well. For kissable lips, Jana recommends using a stain, followed by long-lasting color and a good gloss. Speaking of all that kissing (and crying), be sure your makeup products are waterproof and smudge-proof.

10. Make the most of your trial run. A trial run lets you test drive different styles and get comfortable with your artist, who can offer advice and even snap a few pictures. “I always take before, during and after pictures from all angles,” says Jana. “That way, we can see what each style will look like when photographed on the wedding day.” She also recommends that brides schedule their trials to coincide with a special photo shoot, event or date night. “That way, they can wear the makeup and hair for a longer duration to get the full effect,” she says.

Wedding Day Hair_Bouffant

11. Enjoy every moment. Finally, and most importantly of all, Jana tells her brides to enjoy every moment of the planning process and wedding day. “Try not to get so caught up in the planning that you forget to stop and smell the roses,” she says. No matter what happens, have fun celebrating, and remember what this event is all about: the love between you and your partner.

What are some of your favorite hair and makeup tips? Share your own helpful ideas below.