The wedding cake is arguably the most important part of anyone’s wedding. Okay, okay, maybe not, but it’s definitely the tastiest and probably most fun. But for you modern brides, sometimes a plain white cake or even a classic sugary floral centerpiece won’t do it for you. You want something edgy — but still colorful — and we’ve got just the thing.

Geometric shapes are quickly rising to the top of our favorite patterns list. From chic home design to jewelry, these modern patterns are popping up everywhere. There’s something cool and even a little bit geeky (in a good way) about diamonds, triangles, and chevron on a cake. Here are our top 22 geometric cakes to inspire your modern and stylish wedding.

1. Tropical Turquoise and Coral: This gorgeous tropical flower-inspired cake is perfect for any beach wedding. And we love how even though each layer has its own completely unique design, the cake doesn’t feel overwhelming thanks to simple lined accents. (via Frosted Petticoat)

2. A Tower of Tiles: The subtle ombre in this cake would work gorgeously in any color scheme. And the idea of cutting spaces in the fondant to both make room for the color underneath and create this stunning tiled look is brilliant. (via Bridal Guide)

3. Subtle Stripes: Sometimes all you need is a simple accent of color. This crisp white cake gets a little pop from bright Tiffany-blue stripes lined with gold, adorning a giant bottom tier. (via Brides)

4. Modern Art Meets Southwest: The sunset colors of this southwest-inspired cake are beautiful against a white fondant backdrop. The mirroring designs of the top and bottom tier set off some extremely delicate chevron for a cake that’s feminine and a little rugged. (via The Knot)

5. Mix and Match: Who says you have to choose between floral and geometric for your cake? You’re the bride after all. That’s why this cake, which combines gold chevron and pastel flowers, is the best choice for you. (via Erica O’Brien)

6. Intricate Mosaics: Tiny Mediterranean tiles decorate this bright cake in blues and yellows, taking us right to our imaginary dream wedding somewhere on the shores of a Greek island or in an Italian villa. (via Intimate Weddings)

7. Sideways Pastel Chevron: Why not turn classic chevron stripes on their side for a unique zig-zag look? Alternate the stripes’ direction on each tier for a patterned cake that will attract the crowd’s curiosity. (via Brit + Co.)

8. Golden Honeycomb: A soft color palate of creamy white and gold already makes us think of warm, lazy summers and honeyed tea. This cake plays right into those fantasies, with subtle airbrushed gold that seems to add a glint of sunshine. A cluster of roses ties everything together into a centerpiece perfect for any summer wedding. (via The Cake Blog)

9. Sculpted Art Deco: What we love most about this cake might be its unusual shape. The geometric fondant accents that stick out from the cake are enhanced with blushing greys, which take you right to the roaring twenties. (via Boho Weddings)

10. “Paint Chip” Triangles: These pretty pastel triangles in practically every color remind us of the paint chip art trend we love so much. Mixing and matching colors in an asymmetrical design also leaves plenty of white space so the colors aren’t overwhelming. (via The Cake Blog)

11. Hexagonal Ombre: Like a reverse of our pink and yellow tiled masterpiece above, this cake sets painted fondant tiles against a bright white cake for a stunning contrast. The shift in watercolor strokes from green to blue make a beautiful cake for any seaside wedding. (via Intimate Weddings)

12. Black and White: Nothing says the geometric accents have to be part of the cake itself. Break outside the box with a plain white cake studded with colored (or black) kite-like fondant pieces. (via Brides)

13. Preppy Chic: You’re not a clueless bride, so you know that this nod to the famous movie is also a stunning way to incorporate geometric patterns into your big day. Change the colors to match your theme, and don’t forget to include a bow for the perfect preppy look. (via Charm City Cakes)

14. Just Like Gatsby: Art Deco is a great inspiration for any bride that wants a geometric cake. But if you’re going to go big, why not take your inspiration from the biggest partyer of the age: the great Mr. Gatsby? This gold and black cake looks like it came directly from one of his famous shindigs. (via Chic Vintage Brides)

15. Starbursts: Taking the tiled look from ordinary to exotic, this cake perfectly replicates the classic starburst pattern you might see in an old Turkish square or on a building in Spain. (via AK Cake Design)

16. Sugary Sunset: Sugar can make a cake beautiful just as easily as fondant or chocolate. We love how the brightly colored sugar looks just like stained glass through sunlight (though we bet it tastes much, much better). (via Modern Weddings Hawaii)

17. Laser-Cut Hearts: This cake is a marvel both in terms of its size (four huge tiers) and its intricate sugar work. The geometric hearts are so delicate and thin, they’re almost (almost) too dainty to eat. (via Intimate Weddings)

18. Bright and Bold: Choosing a geometric-inspired cake is already a bold choice, so why not go all out with your colors too? Brightly colored fondant and the unusual black accents will make this a display no one will forget any time soon. (via Brides)

19. Metallic Accents: Okay, this cake reminds us a little bit of an iPhone case, but that doesn’t make it any less gorgeous. And come on: who could ignore those bright gold sparkles?! (via Intimate Weddings)

20. Ombre Triangle Tiles: This palette of pretty fondant tiles reminds us of a bright sunrise on a spring day. Top with a flowery cake topper to match the season for a look that’s naturally beautiful. (via Collin Cowie Weddings)

21. Geometric Cake Topper: Doing a DIY wedding or making your own cake? These white matte toppers will give your cake a modern spin, without all that extra fondant. (via Etsy)

Which of these geometric cakes is your favorite? How do you feel about these new trends in cake design? Let us know below!