We can all agree that choosing a wedding cake is easily the most delicious and fun part of wedding planning. But with so many different options to choose from, it can definitely be overwhelming (what part of wedding planning isn鈥檛, really?). As important as it is for the cake to taste good, you also want it to look good. We鈥檙e here to help source some inspiration for the most gorgeous (and tasty) cake possible. Grab a fork and let鈥檚 dig into the seven cake trends you鈥檒l be seeing everywhere in 2018!

1. Unexpected Color Combos: Expect the unexpected in 2018. Cakes with more vibrant, daring, and moody color schemes will be all the rage. To soften up the bold look, incorporate a swirled texture. (via A Spoonful of Sugar Cakes / Clara Rice Photography)

2. Marble Cakes: Marble is popping up everywhere in homes, paper goods, and accessories, so it鈥檚 only natural to see it becoming more popular in weddings. This look is perfect for the modern minimalist couple. (via A Spoonful of Sugar Cakes / Chelsea Dier Photography)

3. Textured Cakes: As couples become more creative and unique with their wedding designs, the traditional cake just doesn鈥檛 cut it anymore. Elise McLean of Up Country Creations suggests using toasted meringue and icing drips to create a more whimsical, romantic feel for a simple white cake. (via Up Country Creations / Absolutely Loved Photography)

4. Hand-Sketched Designs: These days, it鈥檚 all about the personalized, hand-drawn touches each couple incorporates into their big day, and we expect to see a lot of this in cake design. Jennifer Cella Williams of Beverly鈥檚 Bakery says, 鈥淭he best part about this trend is that every creation is totally unique, so no two drawings will ever be the same.鈥 (via Beverly鈥檚 Bakery / Brandon Kidd Photography)

5. Bold Colors and Geometric Shapes: Geometric shapes are definitely having a moment when it comes to weddings, and this trend isn鈥檛 going anywhere anytime soon. Couples will continue to incorporate this motif throughout their decor, especially to create that eye-catching cake. And using a vibrant color scheme makes a bold statement even bolder. (via Beverly鈥檚 Bakery / Davello Photography)

6. Almost Mauve: Let鈥檚 face it; a soft and pretty color scheme will never go out of style. Jennifer Williams of Beverly Bakery says their 鈥渇avorite shade from the Pantone 2018 Spring Color lineup is Almost Mauve. We are showing this to couples as a fresh alternative to blush, and they are loving it.鈥 (via Beverly鈥檚 Bakery / Birds of a Feather Photography)

7. Tropical Cakes: While destination weddings are on the rise, not all of us can rationalize a tropical wedding escape. However, we think couples will bring Hawaii to their weddings through tropical-inspired decor. This vibrant, watercolor cake gives all of the destination wedding vibes, minus the price tag. (via Beverly鈥檚 Bakery / Lin & Jirsa)

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