When you’re planning your wedding, it’s easy to get so caught up in trying to make everything perfect for your guests that you forget to focus on YOU! Once all the i’s are dotted and the t’s are crossed, take some time to relax and enjoy everything you’ve done to create your dream wedding. These 10 self-care essentials will help you slow down and show *yourself* a little love leading up to and on your big day.

1. Refillable Water Bottle: You’ve heard it before and you’ll hear it again: Hydration is important! Especially on your wedding day. With all the smiling, aisle walking, and Champagne drinking that you’ll be doing, it’s easy to forget to drink enough water. Keeping a super cute reusable water bottle on hand as you prep will give you an adorable reminder.

2. Mood-Enhancing Essential Oils: Throwing an essential oil (or two!) into your day-of clutch is never a bad idea. Whether you choose calming lavender or energizing jade lemon, you’ll be glad you have these little bottles handy for a quick way to freshen up and feel great.

3. Calming Bubble Bath: The night before the big day is the best time to de-stress, and taking a bubble bath is the perfect way to do it. At that point all the planning is complete and the only thing left to do is sit back and enjoy!

4. Sweet-Scented Candles: Lighting a candle has an instantly soothing effect. While you’re getting your hair and makeup done, light your favorite scented candle. You’ll think back to all the good memories of your wedding day every time you use it after!

5. De-Puffing Under-Eye Patches: A good night’s sleep the day before is key. So remove your makeup, throw on soothing chamomile under-eye patches, and get some shuteye, because trust us — you’re gonna need it!

6. Rich Hand Cream: Having your favorite hand cream nearby is a must. The first time you join hands as a married couple, you want your hands to be super soft. (That goes for the both of you, so share some with your future spouse!)

7. Your Signature Scent: Spritz on your signature scent before you stroll down the aisle so you’ll smell like your fave fragrance as you say “I do.”

8. Fun Notebook: There are going to be A LOT of thoughts running through your head leading up to your wedding day. Write everything down in an inspiring notebook that will keep all your ideas in one place.

9. Silky Nightwear: Talk about the cat’s pajamas! Before you step into the dress of your dreams, chill out and relax in a playful pajama set.

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10. Tinted Balm: For a bit of extra color in a pinch, a super moisturizing tinted lip/cheek balm delivers hydration on demand. It’s perfect for touchups and to brighten up your whole face throughout the day.

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