With the arrival of a new year and a shiny engagement announcement popping up on your Insta feed every day, it can only mean one thing: new wedding trends are on the horizon. To help you get ahead of the game, Lauren Kay, deputy editor at The Knot, gives us the scoop on all the wedding details that 2019 will bring. Read on for all the trends (sculptural cakes, moody hues, and more) that you’ll be seeing at weddings this year.

1. Invitations Unboxed: Memorable and delightful invitations are setting the stage in 2019. “You’ll see couples using their invites to make a bold statement about their upcoming celebration by sending everything from uniquely crafted box correspondence to custom video messages and even leather envelopes,” says Kay. And while over-the-top invitations can quickly add up, couples are playing it smart and saving some moolah by using tools like digital RSVPs on their personal websites. (Photo via The de Jaureguis / Invites by Emily Foran)

2. Olfactory Experiences: The new way to brand your wedding can’t be seen; it must be smelled. “Custom blends of perfumes and essential oils are being crafted especially for the occasion: They’re spritzed on invites, pumped through the venue, and even gifted in candle form as a party favor,” says Kay. (Photo via Candlefish)

3. Moody Hues and Metallic Details: If you’re into v. saturated hues in a moody palette (think: squid ink, midnight blue, emerald, and rich burgundies), then this year-round trend is for you. “Dark tones will offer a rich look, add depth, and pair perfectly with natural textures,” she says. But don’t fret if you’re into shiny details too, because your beloved metallics aren’t going anywhere. Instead, metallics are being upgraded with iridescent detailing on glassware, geometric cutouts, and even bridesmaids’ accessories. It’s all in the details. (Photo via Mint Photography)

4. Private Vows Before the Ceremony: Are you and your S.O. more into an intimate vow exchange? This coming year, you’ll see more couples privately declaring their love before the start of the ceremony to just their partner. “If you’re into this idea, you can even head to the altar to recite standard or more traditional vows in front of your guests (to make things feel more official),” suggests Kay.

5. Creative Takes on Unifying Ceremonies: While candle-lighting and sand-mixing remain a popular and beloved tradition at the wedding ceremony, you’ll also see fresh twists on this mainstay. “Pay homage to your cultural heritage and mix up a family recipe of guacamole or combine teas or wines as your symbolic (and tasty) unity,” she says. “For merging families who want to involve children in their ceremony, you can consider a unity work of art like a puzzle or painting, which can hang in your home and remind you daily of this special moment.”

6. Eats With a Twist: Think of this edible trend as the ultimate high-low mix: root beer floats in Champagne flutes, or mac-and-cheese spoons topped with fresh lobster,” says Kay. The pairing (and presentation) possibilities are endless and totally Insta-worthy. And watch out, donuts — there’s a new sweet in town. “Cinnamon rolls will start taking center stage as a favorite dessert option too,” she claims. (Photo via Autumn Nicole Photography)

7. Jewelry With a Life of Its Own: All hail the new flower crown that is *real* blooming jewelry. Kay says blooming bib necklaces, succulent cuffs, and elegant orchid drop earrings are among the top jewelry trends for 2019. “You’ll see lots of florals as jewelry to supplement your traditional bouquets, all while making an exceptional style statement.” (Photo via Sarah Anne Ward)

8. Masterpiece Cakes: “You’ll see couples hiring pro cake bakers to create unexpected shapes and varying sized tiers,” says Kay. So much so, that it’ll be hard to tell if they’re wedding cakes or art installations. And yes, these stunning designs will include rich colors and textures for added effect. (Photo via Johnny Miller)

9. Smoke Bombs: Sparklers will need to make way for the new kid in town: smoke bombs. These party props leave a cloud of dreamy pigment in their wake, eliciting otherworldly photos and oohs and ahhs from guests. “Match the smoke to your wedding hues, or opt for a standout rainbow backdrop,” suggests Kay. The only caveat? “This wow-moment is best captured during daylight hours, so consider exiting your ceremony or entering your cocktail hour with one of these props,” she recommends. (Photo via Jessica Hunt Photography)

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(Photos via The Knot)