Working in the wedding industry, Lauren Kay, deputy editor at The Knot, has seen A LOT of wedding trends come and go — from the good to the bad and the fugly. That’s why she’s here to give her expert advice on which trends she’d like to see tossed out like the bride’s bouquet. Scroll down for an exclusive list of five wedding trends that hopefully won’t survive the new year. Fingers crossed!

1. Two-Color Themes: “Gone are the days of a strictly two-color themed celebration,” says Kay. “It’s all about personalization.” That doesn’t mean color doesn’t matter (expect a big return of brights and bold hues in 2018) but don’t let it dictate your whole day. Instead, rely on your own personal style and wedding vibe to direct your decor. By doing this, “you’ll end up with a wedding that is authentically you and different from all the others your guests will attend this year,” says Kay. (via Lauren Gabrielle Photography / Green Wedding Shoes)

2. Pinterest Planning: Personalization is the name of the wedding game, and thanks to Pinterest, inspiration overload is totally a thing. It’s so easy to get caught up in all the beautiful images and DIY decor, but trying to do them all will make your big day a big mess. “If you love to travel, fuse some wanderlust into your vows or your reception. Come from two very different backgrounds? Serve inventive cuisine from each of your cultures during cocktail hour,” suggests Kay. By focusing on who you are as a couple and what your personal style is, you can start by choosing a few elements you love and go from there. (via Megan Clouse / Brides)

3. Wedding Party Dance Entrances: You know exactly what we’re talking about… another wedding party piggybacking in to “Who Let the Dogs Out” or “Shake It Off.” Instead, put the spotlight on the two of you — it is your day, after all! Kay suggests kicking things up a notch by enrolling in some pre-wedding dance lessons. “They’ll double as fun date nights during wedding planning,” she says. (via Jana Williams Photography / Style Me Pretty)

4. Bad Photo Booth Props: Goofy glasses and chalkboard signs definitely had their moment, but they never look quite as good as you expect them to. These days, it’s all about capturing the wow moments that your guests will be eager to share on social media. “Maybe it’s a wall of greenery that doubles as your ceremony backdrop or a creative escort card display that is *so* you,” says Kay. It’s the special ambiance of the day — not kitschy props — that will have your friends and family snapping photos and creating memories. (via Eric and Jenn Photography / The Knot)

5. Generic Favors: Spending your wedding budget on inexpensive tchotchkes that no one wants can really add up. Use that extra dough to upgrade an area of your reception that your guests will actually appreciate. Kay suggests hiring a fun blues band for cocktail hour or upgrading the bar to include top-shelf liquor. You won’t regret creating fun experiences for your guests instead of DIY-ing 100+ monogrammed tote bags; trust us. (via Eric Kelley Photography)

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