After months of planning, you’ve chosen your ideal venue, selected your bridesmaids dresses and jotted down the ninth draft of your vows. You’re so ready to say, “I do.” But have you thought about what type of blooms you’ll be holding as you take a walk down the aisle or how to arrange flowers on your tables? Even if you have an idea of what you want, you want to make sure it matches your and your S.O.’s personal style for a wedding that is so unique and totally YOU. Enter Meghann Ingram, a wedding flowers expert at The Bouqs Company, who has some fab advice for brides-to-be.


Meghann offered up pro advice on which florals you should incorporate into your big day depending on your style and the biggest wedding flower trends she’s seen this year. Scroll on for some tips on how to make your wedding bloom-ful and gorgeous.

What is the difference between ordering from The Bouqs Co. versus ordering from any other flower shop?

“On average, flowers from other major online flower companies are about 20 days old by the time they reach you. At The Bouqs Co., we ship directly from farms to your doorstep, so the flowers are only just about four days old. You’re getting a better product for a significantly lower price. They’ll look bright and beautiful on your wedding day and last longer, so you can reuse them as a giveaway gift, keep them to enjoy in your home or even donate them to a local hospital.

The customer puts the arrangements together themselves. Alternatively, if DIY floral arrangements seems like a daunting task, we can also work with the customer to pair them with a florist in our network to design and put the arrangements together for them. We’re also transparent about our supply chain, so you can have peace of mind knowing your wedding day flowers came from an eco-friendly farm with responsible labor practices.”

What are the top three flower styles that you’ve seen couples use the most when planning florals for their Big Day?

1. Monotones: “We’re seeing couples going for a more modern, mono-colored look lately. For example, all white arrangements are very popular.”

2. Eco-Friendly: “We’re also seeing couples go with more eco-friendly choices, like choosing flowers from a local and/or sustainable farm. Couples may want to work with local farms that can offer cheaper prices too. This can lend a wild and organic look to the arrangements, as they’re purchasing flowers based on seasonality and availability, rather than specific flower types that might be more difficult or expensive to source.”

3. Royal Style: “Another trend that couples are leaning toward would be the “Royal Feast” look, specifically for receptions. This entails one long banquet table with arrangements of varying heights and tall candles spread throughout the length of the table.”

Any advice on what first steps to take when searching for the perfect flowers for your wedding?

“I always recommend going with flowers that are easy to work with. Whether you’re a flower novice or expert, it’s nice to use flowers that won’t give you a headache during the DIY process. Our wedding catalogue includes an eclectic selection of flowers that are easy and fun to work with, like roses and hydrangeas.”

What is your single best tip for a bride who’s about to start shopping for her bouquet and floral arrangements for her wedding?

“I recommend all brides to do their research before they go meet with a florist. Know what flower types you like or do not like and what design look you want to achieve for your big day. Also keep your venue aesthetic in mind when deciding on flowers. Something you liked on Pinterest may not look so nice in the space you chose for your event.”

Do you have any other advice for brides and grooms who are planning their wedding decor and bouquets?

“I would suggest couples stay open to hearing different suggestions that a planner or florist may have regarding your overall look. You should have an idea of what you like in mind, but if you’re flexible, a florist/planner may know how to maximize your decor while staying within budget to give you a nicer, more elevated design.”

For the rustic bride


“If the bride has more of a rustic vibe, you’ll see more country & rural designs. Flowers are wild and loosely arranged, using more accent flowers rather than one color or flower type. You will also see materials such as burlap and mercury vases.”

For the boho bride


“This bride is all about the greenery. Colors seem to lend themselves to mostly white or one pop of color (wine, berry or blue tones). You’ll see brides wearing floral crowns, holding big organic bouquets with lush greenery. They might also use garland throughout their venue. Willow and seeded eucalyptus are most commonly used throughout this look.”

For the minimalist bride


“The minimalist bride goes for a simple and clean look. These designs will mostly have one or two flower types in smaller, tighter arrangements. Instead of big arrangements for centerpieces, this bride may stick to single bud vase and incorporate other table decor (think: books, bottles or candles) for table centerpieces.”

For the modern bride


“The modern bride will need a look that is very clean but structural. The designs tend to be taller and more lavish. For example, you may see a lot of phalaenopsis orchids and big tropical leaves in a clear glass vase or many stems of one flower type grouped together in different sized vases. Floral walls and chandeliers are very popular in modern style weddings too.”

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(Photos via The Bouqs)