Summer is (sadly) almost over — no more warm-weather BBQs, summer playlists and pool parties, waaahhh :( A new season also brings new reasons to update + refresh the makeup and tools you used to achieve all those fun summer makeup trends. After months and months of use, you should do a little inventory check on where your heavily-used products and beauty utensils stand because, most likely, some of them need to be trashed.

Toss products that you cannot save from the disgusting status they’ve earned after constant exposure to dirty fingers and/or summer grime. Most makeup has an “expiration date,” but the heat and humidity summer brings can cause products to expire way before the label says. Be vigilant, y’all. Here’s a list of the products you should absolutely toss before you splurge on fall makeup.


1. Makeup Sponges: These things literally soak up dirt, grime and sweat every time you use them. Even when you clean them (and all other beauty tools at least twice each month), they can still hold on to nasty stuff deep in the sponge. Who wants to put that ish on their face?! Just buy a new one each season and you’ll be good to go. I’m a big believer in the power of the beautyblender ($20), so I just replace mine with a new one.


2. Waterproof Mascaras: Mascara should be tossed every three months regardless, so the end of summer is the perfect time to toss the waterproof version you’ve been sporting all season (and your normal formula). Just swap it out for a fresh tube and your eyes’ + lashes’ health will thank you. We’re big fans of Benefit’s BAD gal mascara ($19) — it has great formulas for normal wear and waterproof.


3. Nail Polish: We’re all too familiar with goopy, stringy nail polish — not coincidentally, this also signals that your polish has expired. Don’t use it anymore! Polish that is this consistency makes achieving a sleek manicure nearly impossible. Also, FYI, nail polish is susceptible to extreme temperature and humidity. Sheer Lust makes some great 5-free formulas ($18) in super-summery colors (hold on to the season!) while Sephora’s Formula X line ($11) has some swoon-worthy fall shades.


4. Sunscreen: Sunscreen has a straight up expiration date! Be mindful of it. Beyond that, if you’re still using the sunscreen you used last summer, definitely toss it and buy a new one ASAP. Don’t forget that you shouldn’t go a day without being protected from the sun, from head-to-toe. Neutrogena’s Clear Face sunscreen ($12) won’t clog your pores while protecting your skin. Clinique’s SPF 30 Face Cream ($22) is another great option when you need to replace your go-to.


5. Gel + Liquid Eyeliners: These babies typically have a six month shelf life anyway, but less during the summer when they’re extra prone to bacteria. Oh, and the brushes you use with these also need some serious attention when summer is over — if they’re super gunked up, toss ’em. Bobbi Brown Long-Wear Gel Eyeliner ($28) is simply awesome while Maybelline Eye Studio Lasting Drama Gel Eyeliner ($10) is a fantastic drugstore dupe for when it’s time to replace. Clean your makeup brushes + more with these handy hacks!


6. Cream-Based Products: Cosmetics like cream blush or stick foundations don’t do so hot (HA!) during the summer. They can “sweat” (which is disgusting to visualize) and your fingers are constantly touching them. There’s also no real way to clean them. Just toss ‘em at the end of the summer altogether and replace with good ‘ol powder formulas. Revlon’s Photo Ready Cream Blush ($14) has punchy colors that are perfect for summer, while Tarte’s Amazonian Clay Blush ($28) is a great powder to transition to.


7. Creme + Liquid Foundation: Toss your liquid summer shade foundation (especially if it’s a foundation stick!) — you can keep your powder foundation, though. Liquid and cream foundation is only good for six months max, and the stuff can become bacteria-filled in no time during those hot summer months, especially if you apply with your fingers. Maybelline FIT Me Shine-Free Foundation Stick ($9) will keep “summer dewiness” (aka sweat, lol) at bay while its powder-form-counterpart, FIT Me Pressed Powder ($8) is a great option for your fall transition.

A general rule of thumb here is that when your products start looking, smelling or feeling abnormal, throw them out! There’s nothing worse than using products that are past their expiration date, so don’t even get to that point.

Which products of yours are in need of a toss + replacement? Share your thoughts in the comment section.