Moms — they come in all different shapes, sizes, ideas, beliefs and parenting styles. If you’re having a hard time describing your mom or your very own parenting style, let us help you stereotype yourself with this little infographic, designed by our very own Rosee Canfield. No matter if you’re changing the world by concentrating on those kiddos full time or you’re out there innovating like whoa, we think you’ll at least identify a little bit with one of these nine types of mothers.


While there’s no way we could ever fit all the types of awesome moms there are in the world in one infographic, we hope you identify with one of these. If you want to download this infographic, you can do that right here.


What kind of mom did you end up being? What type of mom do you consider yourself? Let us know in the comments below!

(Design by Rosee Canfield)