So you’re about to bring your new boo to your apartment for the first time. You’ve gone room-by-room to make sure your apartment looks like a grown-up lives there, you’ve cleaned all the places you usually forget to clean and you’re ready for some Netflix and chill. There’s no way to really know what your S.O. thinks of your apartment — or is there? Home decor company Moshell’s did a survey of more than 500 people to let us in on both the bad and good things men and women look for in their partner’s apartment.

Young gay couple couch watching tv

First, they looked at the top five turn-ons for men and women when it comes to what they find in a new boo’s apartment. Number one on both lists? A big bed. Hmmm. But from there, while men really like to see a cool computer and healthy food in the fridge, women are scoping out whether or not there’s an in-unit washer/dryer and any pets to snuggle with.

Here’s another interesting finding: Eight percent of women surveyed think tons of grooming products in an S.O.’s bathroom is a big turn-off, and a whopping 24 percent of men say the same. Do they think we wake up like this?! One thing both genders can definitely agree on as the absolute biggest turn-off, though, is a filthy bathroom. We agree; there’s really nothing worse.

There were definitely generational differences in turn-ons and -offs too. Interestingly enough, millennials say roommates are a top turn-off, even though the youngest generation is often forced to live with several housemates before they can afford their own place. The older generations had more refined taste, with Gen X calling nice wine and liquor a plus, and Boomers saying a full bookcase was a must.

Scroll through to read more about what your new boo is looking for in YOUR apartment (and then go hide all those beauty products).


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(Photo via Getty, infographic via Moshell’s)