If you haven’t heard of the Enneagram, now’s the time to find your type. A personality test based on nine numbers, the Enneagram is rising in popularity, and for good reason. Understanding your unique personality tendencies and growth opportunities can equip you to make decisions that both bring you joy and challenge you — like, where to take your next vacation! Curious about your personality type’s ideal getaway? Here are our best guesses for where you’d love to lounge, based on your Enneagram number.



Destination: Lake Atitlan, Guatemala

Why: Rational and idealistic, Reformers are dedicated to finding purpose in their daily lives. Because they have such a strong sense of right and wrong, they also have high standards — even for vacations. Casa Palopo, a home-turned-boutique hotel, is more than just a relaxing, lakeside oasis. In addition to its focus on sustainability, the hotel supports local artisans, making it an ideal spot for this social-justice focused personality. Plus, the surrounding Mayan ruins are an incredible sight. (Photo via Casa Palopo)


key largo

Destination: Key Largo, FL

Why: Twos are warm-hearted, emotionally supportive people who give generously to others. Since their basic desire is to feel loved by serving those they love, the Helper would be thrilled to surprise a friend or partner with a dreamy getaway to Playa Largo Resort & Spa. After taking in views of the sunset, the Two and her loved one can enjoy spa treatments, water sports, and delicious, fresh seafood. And nothing says “I love you” more than a beautiful beach sunset! (Photo via Playa Largo Resort & Spa)



Destination: Tuscany, Italy

Why: The high-achieving Three won’t settle for your average vacation. This personality type is majorly motivated by success, and they’re always looking for the best in fashion, food, and culture — Italy, anyone? With views of the mountainous Serchio Valley, biodynamic wine tastings, and a chance to cook an authentic Italian meal with a resort chef, Achievers will be thrilled to have the mountains, country, and history all wrapped into one location at Renaissance Tuscany Il Ciocco Resort & Spa. (Photo via Renaissance Tuscany Il Ciocco Resort & Spa)



Destination: Sarasota, FL

Why: Fours are all about creating meaning and appreciating the beauty around them, even on vacation. This reflective and artistic personality type will feel ultra-inspired at Art Ovation Hotel in Sarasota with its vibrant art and culture scene. Surrounded by a number of art galleries, theaters, and restaurants, this hotel also offers in-room instruments for private jam sessions and the Project Notebook program, which allows guests to leave their personal mark to share with future visitors with doodles, stories, poems, or drawings. (Photo via Art Ovation Hotel)



Destination: Cusco, Peru

Why: No one is as perceptive and curious as the Five. Always looking for new ways to grow intellectually and creatively, this personality type would thrive at the JW Marriott El Convento Cusco, a 16th-century former convent in the heart of Cusco that offers the ideal blend of history, curiosity appeal, and modern comfort. The property dates back thousands of years, and its construction included the careful uncovering and restoration of ancient Incan remains. Some of the walls are still intact for guests to appreciate, along with the art and authentic Peruvian artifacts that are housed in the subterranean level of the hotel. Bonus: For Investigators who seek the ultimate historical destination, Machu Picchu is only a few hours away. (Photo via JW Marriott El Convento Cusco)



Destination: Panama City, Panama

Why: Security-focused Sixes fixate on the uncertainty of the world, so they anticipate problems and come up with their own solutions. The Westin Playa Bonita in Panama might seem like an odd choice for a Six, but with easy direct flights from many major US cities and no currency exchange, traveling there is a breeze. On top of the incredible rain forest and Pacific Ocean views, this hotel also offers an all-inclusive option so Loyalists can enjoy their trip without the stress of planning all the details. (Photo via Westin Playa Bonita)


Galapagos Islands

Destination: The Galapagos Islands

Why: When it comes to planning new quests or seeking out exotic places, the Seven is a certified expert. Aboard one of Ecoventura’s 20-passenger luxury mega-yachts with adventurous seven-night itineraries, this personality can dodge FOMO by taking in the best of both worlds. Not only do Ecoventura’s yachts offer a sundeck, jacuzzi, open bar, and gourmet meals for guests to enjoy, they also offer the opportunity to explore the rare wildlife-filled islands with nature walks, power hikes, and kayaking. (Photo via Ecoventura)



Destination: Negril, Jamaica

Why: As strong-willed contrarians who love to assert their authority, Eights will feel right at home turning up the heat at Hedonism II. Found on the edge of the white sand beach of Negril, Jamaica, this clothing-optional, adults-only, all-inclusive beach resort is the perfect place for the confident and bold challenger to bare it all by day and party by night. From nightly entertainment and events likes toga foam parties to nude snorkeling and catamaran excursions complete with bottomless premium cocktails, everything this spot has to offer is as free as The Challenger’s spirits. (Photo via Hedonism II)


St. Lucia

Destination: St. Lucia

Why: Harmonious peacemakers, Nines are often seen as spiritual seekers looking to connect with people and their inner selves. To disconnect from the noise of daily life and reconnect to the harmony they treasure, Nines can head to St. Lucia and stay at Jade Mountain Resort where they won’t find televisions, radios, or telephones. For an extra push to find some inner peace, this personality can set up a private consultation with the resort’s Wellness Guru, Nelson Chako, who teaches guests how to incorporate mindful living and wellness practices back home. (Photo via Jade Mountain Resort)

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