Don't have a Valentine yet? Be ours!

While we are only two and a half months old as a website, we're already head over heels with our growing audience of readers and want to give back by sending 10 of you a personalized Valentine's Day gift to show our love. As you might guess, our gift box will likely contain an assortment of quirky products, DIY goods, and if you're lucky, a few treats.

To be our Valentine, just use the comments below to tell us why you are loving this site; in exchange, we'll tell you why we love you and shower you with affection (okay, fine, or lots of goodies). You can tell us things like which posts you love most, why you think this site is different from others out there, or about how some of the ideas and products suggested on this site have inspired you to live creatively.

We'll choose our 10 favorite responses by this Thursday at midnight PT so that we can get your gift to you by next week. Thanks for sharing the love! xoxo

**Update: We've made our selections and will be notifing winners via Facebook. Check those inboxes!