As you鈥檝e grown older, you鈥檝e probably accumulated some pretty awesome people in your life 鈥 from college besties to fellow moms to a beloved spouse, your squad might nearly be complete. But no matter who has come into/out of your life, nobody has been there for you like your sister. After all, if she loved you when you were in your awkward phase(s), she鈥檚 probably in it with you for the long haul. Read on for eight things that make your relationship with your sister totally unique.

Two sisters sit together on a dock watching a lake

1. You can have conversations with just your facial expressions. In the early stages of your relationship with your bestie, you still had to use the not-so-subtle 鈥渉ot guy at five o鈥檆lock鈥 whisper. But with your sis, all it takes is a quick wink to know exactly what she鈥檚 thinking and about whom. Talk about the ultimate wingwoman!

2. They understand all your family stuff. Families can be totally complicated. And while your friends will surely lend an ear or shoulder to cry on, nobody quite understands the nuances of your family dynamics than someone who shares your last name.

3. They鈥檝e met your weird exes. Remember when your high school boyfriend dumped you right before homecoming? Your sister does too. Remember that jerk who stood you up on Valentine鈥檚 Day? Your sister does too. Through every weirdo, heartbreak, and great first date, your sister has been there.

4.They鈥檝e been on all yourfamily vacations. As evidenced by college spring break, nothing bonds people quite like taking a trip together. Maybe your family always, always, always goes to the same cottage for Christmas, or perhaps you tried something new every year. Either way, sharing those travel memories with your sister gives you a shared nostalgia for the same places that bonds you long after you鈥檝e left them.

5.They loved you in your awkward phase. The braces. The strangely colored hair. The questionable fashion choices. No matter what your teenage self looked like, your sister loved you anyway (probably because she was going through it right alongside you!).

6. You probably own half of each other鈥檚 wardrobe. Ah, the age-old clothes argument. While you probably pulled each other鈥檚 hair out over stealing clothes in high school, it might be, maybe, just a little bit comforting to wear your sister鈥檚 college t-shirt when you鈥檙e missing her.

7. They made you the cool aunt. If your sister has kids, that automatically makes you the cool aunt. And if you鈥檙e the cool aunt, that automatically makes you, well, cool!

8.You had 鈥減romise you won鈥檛 tell Mom鈥 secrets. Anybody with sisters knows there is no promise more sacred than the promise-not-to-tell-your-mother promise. Even if you have a Gilmore-esque relationship with your mom, having your sister as a confidante while growing up means you have a confidante for life.

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