The tiny kaleidoscope in a tube that you stuck your eye up to and turned as a kid may have been cool back then, but things are changin’ now. So, in keeping up with the times, designers Masakazu Shirane and Saya Miyazaki have created Wink Space, an environment made from mirrors that forms a life-size kaleidoscopic tunnel. And get this… it’s all built inside of a shipping container!

As a part of last year’s KOBE biennale celebration in Kobe, Japan, the city hosted a competition called the “Art in a Container International Competition.” Artists and designers were encouraged to use their imaginations to design an environment of their choice. And, get this, it all had to be done within an industrial shipping container. Crazy, but, as you can see, Miyazaki and Shirane had no trouble with the challenge.

Not only was Wink Space’s kaleidoscope design a test of building with mirrors, it was also a test of designing and building with zippers. Yes, we said zippers. The two behind the project wanted to be known for creating the world’s first zipper architecture, and they did just that by connecting all of their shapes with zippers. Who knew that was even possible?! We want a chance to step in this kaleidoscopic tunnel STAT.

To learn more about the competition and to get a behind-the-scenes look at their project, head to Easy Laser.

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(h/t This Is Colossal)