The snow鈥檚 falling, the temps are dropping, and your littles are bored, bored, and even more bored. You don鈥檛 want to just rely on YouTube to be your babysitter (again), so you鈥檙e looking for something without a screen. Maybe something that鈥檚 creative, engaging, and can help your kiddo to learn. And here鈥檚 where STEAM activities come in to play, literally. Go with the winter weather that鈥檚 knocking on your door and check out the Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Math awesomeness that your kiddo will absolutely want to try.

1. How to Make Frost: We know that there鈥檚 enough frost on your car windshield to keep the entire family chilled for the next few months, but this activity is more about studying the science of condensation than worrying about where the ice scraper is. Bonus: You can use what you probably already have in your kitchen to make it. (via Schooling a Monkey)

2. Growing Salt Crystal Snowflakes: Not only can your creative kiddo make some pretty stellar snowflakes to display, but they can combine art and science (yep, that鈥檚 the STEAM in this one) to actually grow glistening crystals. (via Little Bins for Little Hands)

3. Color Mixing in the Snow: There鈥檚 a yard-sized blank canvas right outside of your front door. Yes, we mean snow. Put those winter coats on, bundle up your pint-sized Picasso, and grab the paints. This science-artsy activity gets your kiddo into mixing colors in a completely unexpected winter way. (via Adventure in a Box)

4. Ice Cube Igloos: Your tot is into architecture 鈥 in a major way. They鈥檙e all about building with blocks and you鈥檙e fairly certain that someday they鈥檒l be a structural engineer or maybe even a city planner. This icy activity is a cool (literally) building project that the two of you can do inside. (via Preschool Powol Packets)

5. Ice Ornaments: With the temps dipping to arctic levels, these icy ornaments transform the outdoor trees from leafless and ho-hum to glam and glistening. Oh yeah, and the process to make them is *all* about combining art and science. (via Red Ted Art)

6. Elsa鈥檚 Ice Palace: 鈥淟et It Go鈥 is on autorepeat in your house. Yep, your kiddo is a Frozen fan to the zillionth degree. Carry their love of all things Elsa through to this snowy building activity. (via Left Brain Craft Brain)

7. Engineering an Ice Lantern: Decor doesn鈥檛 have to come from a store. Your science-loving child can put science, engineering, and art together to get this completely chilly lantern. And it鈥檚 pretty amazing to look at too. (via STEAM Powered Family)

8. Snowflake Ooblek: Ooblek, also known as non-Newtonian fluid, is the solid/liquid/gooey gunk that preschool science is made of. Add a dash of winter to this rad recipe and you鈥檒l have hours of snowflake fun. (via Little Bins for Little Hands)

9. Ice Building Blocks: The science of liquid to solid (and solid to liquid) transformations is just the beginning of this science-art-engineering activity. Your creative kid can make their own icy paints, build with them, and then use them to create a majorly cool water color masterpiece. (via Mini Monets and Mommies)

10. Winter Slime: Yes, the slime craze is real. And it seems like it鈥檚 sticking around. There鈥檚 a reason why everyone is in love with the squishy stuff. Forget about freezing in the real snow outside! This chilly-looking goop will give your kiddo hours of science-fueled play. (via Schooling a Monkey)

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