Even if you love winter, there are bound to be a few things that get on your nerves, like salt-stained shoes, serious static cling and pilling sweaters, just to name a few. They鈥檙e common problems every girl faces once the cold weather months roll around, but as aggravating as they are, there are plenty of quick and easy solutions to get your style game back on track. These 15 winter wardrobe hacks that won鈥檛 just banish cold weather woes 鈥 they鈥檒l also make surviving winter a piece of cake.

How to Hack Salt Stain-Free聽Shoes


1. Kiwi Protect All Rain and Stain Repellant ($9): Precipitation is inevitable in the winter, and while water can do its fair share of damage to leather kicks, it鈥檚 the salt that will really do you in 鈥 it seems like no amount of scrubbing will make those pesky marks go away. Luckily, this stain protector will send salt and water damage packin鈥, so you can save that extra time and energy planning your next big adventure, tackling your to-do list or anything else that is way more fun and interesting than slaving away over those steppers. Apply it before wearing them out in less-than-ideal weather, and if the odd stain does appear, use a soft cloth dampened with one part water and one part vinegar to gently wipe them away.

How to Hack a Slipping Scarf


2. COS Roll-Neck Scarf ($175): Your average scarf can leave the upper part of your chest exposed if you鈥檙e not an expert at folding and tucking in inclement weather. To avoid that dreaded scarf slippage, look for a scarf that comes with not-gonna-budge protection, like closures or this turtleneck-meets-poncho number that will cover you up and keep you looking classy.

How to Hack Bulky Outerwear


3. Uniqlo Ultra Light Down Compact Jacket ($70): Puffer jacket, 24/7? Please. With a warm yet lightweight layer as your base, you can wear your most stylish outerwear even in the most frigid of temps (think: that boyfriend-cut moto jacket or your Olivia Pope-inspired trench). The compact silhouette of this down-stuffed jacket makes it easy to slip under any coat, meaning extra warmth without the added bulk. It鈥檚 even water-repellent, which is huge if you live in a climate where 鈥渨et cold鈥 is a thing. Fold it up in its petite pouch and keep it in your purse or tote as an extra emergency layer.

How to Hack Pilling Sweaters


4. Appalatch Sweater Stone ($12): Pilling sweaters suck, period. But instead of surrendering your sweater to the donate pile or sending it to the dry cleaner for an intensive chemical treatment (ick), bring it back to life with a quick sweep of a sweater stone. It gets rid of those nasty little pills without harsh chemicals or causing damage to your duds. Lightly brush over the offending area and watch as those pesky pills meet their demise.

How to Hack Minimal聽Layers


5. J.Crew Tissue Turtleneck T-Shirt ($35): Sweaters are great, but if you鈥檙e looking for a versatile piece that will serve you right for years to come, a good layering tee is it. Make warm weather dresses seasonally appropriate or amp up your favorite chunky knit鈥檚 warmth factor 鈥 the options are endless. Black, white and gray are classic, but for something a little more on-trend, opt for rich shades of jade, plum or redwood.

How to Hack a Cold Night Out Outfit


6. H&M Glittery Jumpsuit ($40): A long-sleeve shimmery jumpsuit solves the whole cold-night-out dilemma 鈥 it鈥檚 effortless, practical and a little bit glam. It鈥檒l keep you warm when you walk out the door, but won鈥檛 feel stifling if you decide to bust a move on the dance floor. This is a super simple style move that will earn you some major sartorial cred within your group of friends.

How to Hack Static Cling


7. Static Guard Antistatic Spray ($4): Static cling is an irritating (and potentially disastrous) winter wardrobe problem that is ultimately unavoidable, but totally solvable. A quick spritz of antistatic spray like Static Guard will instantly kick clingy clothes to the curb. Hairspray (aerosol) works wonders if you鈥檙e in a pinch, as does a rubdown with a dryer sheet.

How to Hack Hat Hair


8. Autumn Cashmere Embellished Cashmere Beanie ($130): Besides a killer 鈥榙o, the best way to combat hat hair is by choosing toppers made with natural fabrics like wool and cotton. This 100% cashmere hat won鈥檛 just keep static on lock 鈥 it鈥檒l glam up your look too with a smattering of shimmery stones.

How to Hack a Cozy Chic Outfit


9. ASOS Oversized Sweater Dress ($69): The sweater dress is the pi猫ce de r茅sistance this season when it comes to effortless dressing. It goes with everything in your closet and it adds an extra layer of warmth without the bulk or wacky appearance. For kickin鈥 it at home or a casual coffee date with friends, toss it on over leggings or tights and a pair of ankle boots and you鈥檙e good to go. For a more fashion-forward edge, layer it over wide leg or flared trousers and platform kicks; then add a wide waist-cinching belt for a polished finish.

How to Hack Too-Thin聽Tights


10. Land鈥檚 End Thermaskin Heat Cable Tights ($19): High tech tights unlock so many sartorial opportunities this winter season. Dresses and skirts will quickly usurp pants鈥 place of power thanks to thermaskin technology that helps generate heat and wicks moisture away from your skin.

How to Hack an Oversized Layer


11. COS Shawl Collar Cardigan ($125): Classic cardigans are so snooze, but their utility is undeniable. For those days when you could use the extra warmth but a standard blazer or cardi just isn鈥檛 going to cut it, opt for an open-front statement sweater instead. It鈥檒l bring the heat in one incredibly stylish package. It鈥檚 perfect layered over everything from midi dresses to wide leg trousers and trendy jumpsuits.

How to Hack Frozen Toes


12. Hansel from Basel Flagship Anklet Socks ($23): Frozen toes are so not chic. Slip these wool numbers into your favorite pair of polished ankle boots to keep feet warm, cozy and on-trend. Or if you鈥檙e feeling daring, toss them on with sassy sandals and a flirty dress for a look that feels fit for the front row.

How to Hack the Mitten-Glove Debate


13. Fuzzy Knit Leather聽Glove ($39): Settle the mittens vs gloves conundrum once and for all with a pair of hand warmers that boast the best of both worlds. Touchscreen-compatible leather fingertips mean your digits don鈥檛 have to risk frostbite in order to answer that text, while cozy knit overlays and fuzzy faux fur lining keep hands crazy warm when the temps start to fall. Oh yeah 鈥 they鈥檙e easy on the eyes too.

How to Hack a Work-to-Weekend聽Layer


14. Cooperative聽Schoolgirl Layering Shift Dress ($79): A relaxed-fit tunic dress is key come winter. It makes layering possible from work to weekend, so the thought of rockin鈥 a frock with arctic-like temps in the forecast is a little less intimidating. Toss it on over a turtleneck and fleece tights for a cute and weather-conscious look in seconds or layer it over a flowy top and leather-look leggings for the office.

How to Hack Clunky Snow Boots


15. Ugg Australia Simmens Waterproof Leather Boots ($170): Most clunky boots you鈥檒l want to take off the moment you walk into the office. Our recommendation? Grab a pair with personality. These waterproof leather and shearling boots will keep your feet toasty, but are also lightweight and stylish, meaning you can totally rock them all day long 鈥 and feel good about it. Not to mention they鈥檒l set you apart from all your duck-boot-wearing buds.

What鈥檚 your cold weather fashion lifesaver? Tell us in the comments!