Aren’t Saturday mornings, like, the best? Everything seems to slow down and you can sit under the covers with a cup of coffee and chat or read the paper. And wintry Saturdays? Forget about letting those feet hit that cold floor. Then again, when there is a delicious breakfast to be had, it’s worth putting on your slippers just to whip up some good eats and take them back to bed. Feast your eyes on these 13 recipes that are perfect for a wintery breakfast in bed.

breakfast pizza

1. Pancetta and Gruyère Breakfast Pizza: This throw-together recipe will get you back to your book faster. You can even read while it bakes. (via Jo Cooks)

citrus salad

2. Winter Citrus Salad: While citrus is great for your immune system, it’s also just plain pretty. We wouldn’t mind munching on this bright salad every morning. (via The Suburban Soap Box)


3. Pancakes With Chestnut Cream and Spiced Pear Syrup: This spiced pear syrup is exactly what you want warming your insides on a cold and snowy morning. (via The Original Dish)


4. Cheesy Polenta and Spinach-Baked Eggs: In case you were wondering, polenta is like grits, but with a lot more deliciousness involved. (via Hungry Couple)


5. Pomegranate White Chocolate Almond Scones: These gorgeous scones would be easy to make the night before and reheat for a warm crumbly breakfast the next morning. We recommend some strong coffee or tea for the perfect accompaniment. (via The Gold Lining Girl)


6. Breakfast Quiche: After one bite, you’ll want to dig into this hearty, cheesy quiche every single Saturday morning. (via Read Food by Dad)

gingerbread waffles

7. Whole Wheat Gingerbread Waffles: When it comes to comfort food for breakfast, waffles are the way to go. Gingerbread flavored is just a spicy-sweet bonus. (via My Sequined Life)


8. Sweet Potato Hash: Eggs and sweet potatoes are actually a winning combination. Try this breakfast for yourself and you’ll see what we mean. (via Badger Kitchen)


9. Chocolate Peanut Butter Banana Bread: Oh my! It’s all our favorite flavors combined into one gloriously tasty loaf. (via Broma Bakery)

avocado egg

10. Avocado and Egg Breakfast Pizza: Throwing an avocado into your breakfast dish is always a good idea. Pair it with an egg and you’ll have a winner. (via The Kitchn)


11. Infinite Yogurt: It may not be warm, but sometimes we just want something quick and light. Yogurt is always a healthy-yet-filling option. (via Minute Meal)


12. Lemon Poppyseed Crepes: Everybody knows that lemon and poppyseed go well together. Marrying them in this crepe is beyond brilliant. (via Say Yes)

apple butter

13. Spiced Apple Butter: With this tasty butter on hand, you’ll instantly turn pancakes or biscuits into a breakfast masterpiece. (via Peaceful Dumpling)

What is your favorite wintertime breakfast to enjoy on a lazy Saturday morning? Tell us below!