Almost every parent’s nightmare is when their baby gets sick. We don’t even want to think about the potential dangers of sticking a mercury-filled piece of metal in their little mouths; especially while they’re squirming in your arms. The ear thermometers are a little better, but they’re not always as accurate as they could be. We’re big fans of the pacifier thermometer, and like Pacifi, this Kickstarter is about to make parents’ jobs just a little bit easier.


Wishbone is a non-contact thermometer that accurately measures temperature in under two seconds using your smartphone. Just plug your Wishbone into the headphone jack, open the app and point the sensor about 3-5cm away from your kiddo’s forehead. The reading will show up on your phone and the app will store your temperatures so you can monitor your child’s recovery. You can make separate profiles for multiple individuals within the app.


Wishbone uses a passive infrared sensor that doesn’t emit any radiation or sound and doesn’t use mercury. The sensor is great to use for liquid, solid and environmental temperatures. Simply switch to Object Mode within the app, and you can get the temperature of milk, water or even the bathtub. If you want to get the temperature of a certain environment, be sure to choose Ambient Mode. Both modes are still being further developed, but should be completed by the month of production.


The Wishbone app is both iOS and Android compatible and will come in lime green, turquoise and primrose. The jack is also long enough to clear most phone cases. Head over to Wishbone’s Kickstarter to purchase this thermometer for $33 and check out the variety of pledge options.


Moms and dads of the world, how are you feeling about this thermometer innovation? Let us know in the comments below!